10 Amazing Fan Games


From graphics overhauls to sequels, we count 10 fan made games that rival, or even outdo, the originals that you can play right now.

10 – Deus Ex Revision,


  • This is just a graphics mod, but it totally deserves to be on this list since the original Deus Ex’s graphics are bad enough to make your average gamer choose not to play the game; to be fair, unless you played games in this era or at least already played this game before they really are an affront to your eyes.
  • Many people, including myself to a certain extent, don’t think graphics really add or subtract much to a game, but that’s not necessarily true in games that seek to immerse you and tell a story.
  • Poor representations of the game’s version of reality can lead to confusion and detract from the creator’s vision and take you out of the experience, also it can be really hard to enjoy a story when the graphics are bad enough that you can’t forget you’re just playing a game.

9 – Super Mario Star Road,

NINTENDO64--Super Mario 64 Star Road_Jul16 12_11_52

  • Super Mario 64 never ended up getting a true sequel, so someone going by the handle ‘Skelux’ decided to make his own and he did a great job of doing so, with 130 stars to collect throughout a new over-world and set of levels, it’s a great game for any 64 fan to play.
  • Although many of the assets are reused from the original or taken from other 64 games, the difficulty isn’t exactly a progression, although towards the end it definitely ramps up to the point where a veteran will have issues progressing.
  • And that’s not all, Skelux also added a multiplayer version online; it’s not exactly perfect online, but for local co-op it’s definitely playable and enjoyable, hopefully Skelux gets the sequel finished soon, as it is planned to have 240 unique stars to collect.

8 – MechWarrior: Living Legends,


  • One of the few fan games to receive sanctioning from the original IP owner, this game encapsulates all that was great about the old MechWarrior games and more, well actually that’s not precisely true, it’s multiplayer only so it’s hardly a complete replacement.
  • Wandering Samurai Studios didn’t just recreate the feel of the old games, they also added in vehicles; I can’t really see why anyone would want to use anything other than a mech, but hey the more things I can blow up with my arm cannons the better.
  • Unfortunately the game no longer receives any updates, but the online is still relatively active and the game is reasonably well balanced and glitch-free that this doesn’t detract much from the overall enjoy-ability of the game.

7 – DayZ,


  • When this ARMA 2 mod gained traction in the online gaming community ARMA 2 and its expansion topped the charts and hovered in the top bought games for years; for good reason too, as it’s a well-made game that really encapsulates the feeling of many zombie movies.
  • I mean don’t get me wrong, the zombies aren’t slow and the game mechanics are clunky, but that doesn’t mean that you should skip this one by, of course chances are you’ve already played the mod or the standalone game that came out.
  • There is no real goal to accomplish, but that’s part of the beauty of it, as there’s a whole lot of emergent gameplay to be found, with clans of people grouping together to fend off the other players, because really, once you’ve played for long enough you realise that people are the ones you actually need to worry about.

6 – Renegade X,


  • Command and Conquer hasn’t had a decent game in a long while, not since 2009 actually, when the fan remake of Renegade, the spinoff third-person shooter released in ’02; sure it’s not an RTS but it still has some really cool features that makes it feel very much like it belongs with the others.
  • It was originally an Unreal Tournament 3 mod, but as of 2014 it’s stand-alone with its own singleplayer.
  • Command and Conquer wouldn’t be the same if it didn’t have bases, so that’s actually where the main aim of the multiplayer focuses around, using dozens of unique infantry classes and 15 vehicles your objective is to take out the enemy’s base while protecting your own.
  • Each building has its own purposes and perks, so when you lose one it’s not just another score for the opposing team, it’s a genuine loss that could be the seed of your downfall and of course each team has different classes, vehicles and strategies much like the RTS games.


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