10 Amazing Hidden Details in Gaming


From clever uses of otherwise mediocre gimmicks, to foreshadowing the end of the game, we count 10 hidden details you probably missed.

10 – Metal Gear Solid 3D – Depth Perception,


  • This port wasn’t exactly the most well made out there, turning on the 3D really hurts the framerate to a point where it’s not really playable, but you can’t deny that at least a little bit of love went into making it.
  • Naked Snake, the protagonist, loses his eye during a fight with Ocelot in all versions of this game, but in the 3D version they do something really clever.
  • After Snake loses his eye you can no longer use 3D in first person mode, just a shame that most people never notice this since the 3D sucks donkey balls.

9 – Red Dead Redemption – God’s Wisdom,


  • During the game you come across an old man sporting a top hat who spouts peculiar nonsense, interestingly if you try and shoot him he doesn’t die.
  • Most people agree that this man was probably God, this is reinforced by him pointing out that the point they were standing at will ‘make a fine spot’ and then later says ‘hope my boy turns out just like you.’
  • Turns out, later in the game that spot is exactly where the main character is buried and his son ends up taking revenge, turning out just like his dad.

8 – Call of Duty Black Ops 2 – Coordinates,

black ops 2 tactical insertion

  • There are quite a few small details that would have taken a disproportionate amount of effort to put in compared to how much they add.
  • In multiplayer there’s a device that controls where you respawn, if you look at the glowing PDA that controls it there’s a set of coordinates on the screen
  • If you put these coordinates into Google maps it ends up being a real world location that could actually be an area where the map you’re playing on could be.

7 – Portal 2 – Turret of Prometheus,


  • When you’re travelling through an area with scrap heaps being dumped into an incinerator you might notice a turret that’s still somewhat functional.
  • Pick it up and it will start talking to you, telling you of the Greek myth of Prometheus, who takes fire from the gods and is punished by being pecked by crows.
  • This is actually a direct reference to GLaDOS, who gives Chell the portal gun and is subsequently pecked at by crows in her potato form.

6 – Batman: Arkham City – Gotham,


  • Despite its name, Arkham City only takes place in a small walled off section of the city, but you can see the buildings that make up Gotham in the background.
  • I assumed this was just a texture like in most games, but if you perform a glitch where you can fly infinitely you can explore a surprisingly detailed 3D Gotham.
  • Not only that, but if you look for long enough you’ll eventually come across Arkham Asylum from the previous game.


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