10 Amazing Treehouses You Can Actually Stay In


From a mirrored cube in the sky to a fairytale-style witch’s house­­, we count ten amazing treehouses that you can stay in today!

10 – Horace Burgess’s Treehouse,


  • If you think treehouses are just backyard structures for kids to play in, you’re wrong. Some are architectural masterpieces – like Horace Burgess’s ridiculously elaborate woodland condo in Tennessee.
  • This impressive treehouse is ninety-seven feet tall and uses six trees as its base. It took over fourteen years to build and the man responsible – minister Horace Burgess – said the idea came about after a vision from God.
  • The treehouse serves as a tourist attraction, a church and, strangely enough, a basketball court. It’s unofficially considered the largest treehouse in the world. Unfortunately it’s been closed to the public since 2012 because of tough new fire safety codes.

9 – Mirrorcube,


  • If you want to take your paranoia to the next level, consider staying at Mirrorcube, the cube-shaped treehouse hotel that is covered in mirrors. It’s practically invisible from most angles, making it great for those who want a steamy affair… but not so great for the poor birds that often fly into it.
  • The Mirrorcube is found fifty kilometres outside of the city in Swden’s Norrbotten County. It measures 4x4x4 metres and was designed by famed Scandinavian architects Tham and Videgard.
  • To solve their bird suicide crisis, Tham and Videgard decided to cover the outside walls with an infrared film. Birds can see and avoid this, yet because of inferior human vision it remains invisible to us. Birds get to live and we don’t have to look at an eyesore. Everyone wins!

8 – Human Birdhouse,


  • Ever wanted to escape the tedium of everyday life? Maybe you fancy living up there amongst the birds? This birdhouse-inspired treehouse could be just what you’re looking for.
  • Found in the quiet forest of Japan’s Nagano prefecture, this quirky treehouse allows humans and birds to live side-by-side. It has seventy-eight nesting spaces for birds and a glass wall dividing its interior, so that birdwatchers can study their feathered friends as they come and go.
  • This treehouse was originally designed for Japan’s Momofuku Ando Centre to promote nature activities. But these days only Pokemon Go players flock there to try to catch Articuno.

7 – The Redwoods Treehouse,


  • Wish you could spend all your time in a treehouse but don’t want to give up luxuries like fine dining? New Zealand’s Redwoods Treehouse restaurant has got you covered!
  • This pod-shaped treehouse was built ten metres above ground and is accessible by ramp. It won multiple design awards and was built using sustainable pine and redwood.
  • Thirty people can comfortably fit inside at one time, but it’s not available for casual dining. That’s right, this restaurant in the trees can only be booked for intimate weddings and corporate events. Still, after dining up here in paradise eating back on the boring old ground will never be the same.

6 – The Witch’s House,


  • No, this witch’s house isn’t Tim Burton’s holiday home; it’s a privately owned treehouse in Ibiza.
  • Built by a father for his fairytale-loving son, this quirky treehouse has rustic furnishings, round portal windows and was built in an Aleppo pine tree.
  • It’s cool and everything, but you just know all sorts of shady shit goes on in there during a full moon. I bet it goes off on Halloween.


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