10 Bewildering Murder Weapons

  • From using your junk to commit homicide to rage quitting a game in the most violent way ever we look at 10 bewildering murder weapons

10 – Lamp,


  • Isn’t great when that lamp that really just pulls the room together can also double as a deadly weapon.
  • This one lighting catastrophe happened in Gorgia in 2012 when during an argument when homeless man Bryant Willerson lost his cool, smashing 63-year-old William McClain in the face several times with a cast iron floor lamp.
  • According to witnesses the argument was over McClain stealing $10 from Bryant. Talk about getting your priorities in order. Hell he probably could have pawned the lamp and got three times that instead of a life sentence.

9 – Prosthetic Leg,


  • Well there are some advantages to having a fake limb, including being able to beat the fuck out of someone with it.
  • Another homeless person, this time Debra Hewitt in Louisiana had enough of her boyfriend’s shit so she stomped on him with her artificial limb before going the extra mile and detaching for use as a club.
  • This is only one of many murders committed using a prosthetic limb in a way not intended by the manufacturer. Ironically enough Debra’s nickname was Angel, leading her to be called “The Angel of Death” by prosecutors. Well at least they didn’t make fun of her disability.

8 – A Spoon,


  • Out of all the cutlery we use on a daily basis, a spoon would be the most unassuming but deadly one.
  • No it’s not something like scooping someone’s eyes out, this story comes from England when a man named Richard Clare attempted to hold up Timothy Magee. But Magee was giving up his Sterling that easy and defended himself. Clare, having no better weapon, smacked Magee on the back of the head with a dessert spoon.
  • The force of the spoon ruptured an artery in Magee’s head leading to internal bleeding and death…and probably a very confused Clare. See this is why the British are so anal about cutlery etiquette

7 – Chessboard,


  • When you think of Chess, you don’t normally put in the category of “Games so enraging I want to kill the other player” but Faber the Viking sure did.
  • According the 14th century legend, Faber was having a friendly game with his pal Swoden until the match got so heated that the two were throwing the pieces at each other like children.
  • Faber however decided in classic Viking tradition to take it one step far and smash the heavy board over Sowden’s head, resulting in death and assumedly a forfeit of the game to Faber. Well that’s checkmate I guess then.

6 – Pickle Jar,


  • Mm MM who doesn’t love a jar of pickles? Probably the paedophile who got smashed into his face until he died.
  • 12 year old Daniel Kovarbasich was being sexual abused by 55 year old Duane Hurley when the kid finally stepped up to his attacker with one of the oddest weapons around. Hitting him multiple times with the jar, reportedly bashing Duane’s skull in.
  • Just for good measure Daniel then stabbed the paedophile multiple times as well. Daniel was given probation due to abuse suffered by the child…yeah Duane probably deserved pickles to the skull.


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