10 Bizarre Crimes that will Blow your Mind

Sleepwalking Detective

From crazy criminal cravings to terror inducing twins, we look at 10 bizarre crimes that will blow your mind.

  1. Despicable deceit


  • A woman in America reports to police that she’d been raped and beaten in her own home.
  • Police thought it was a burglary gone wrong, until about a week later one of her co-workers told them the truth. She had staged the attack to try to convince her husband to move to a nicer neighborhood. So she scraped her hands with sandpaper, had a friend rough her up and cut her lip open. She even wet herself for authenticity, giving an Oscar worthy performance when the cops arrived.
  • Instead of a nicer neighborhood her shenanigans landed her in jail and her husband filed for divorce. The kicker is, this woman was a psychologist. How in hell are you meant to help people if you’re crazier than Gary Busey on Dancing with the stars? Actually Gary Busey in general.
  1. The London Monster


  • In London in the late 1700s, a series of attacks occurred where a man dubbed ‘The London Monster’ would prick women in the butt with a pin, or a knife.
  • Sometimes the creep would only get to tear the ladies clothing but other times there were substantial injuries. Hysteria eventually set in and some women even started wearing copper pans under their petticoats to protect their buns from an unprovoked prodding.
  • Luckily the nutbag was caught and the London streets were never safer….ish. They probably should’ve saved the title of monster for Jack the Ripper. Still, never have you met such a prick.
  1. Slaughtering Sleepwalker

Sleepwalking Detective

  • In the 1880s a respected detective named Ledru was investigating a murder on a beach.
  • A man had been shot and the only evidence was a footprint and a bullet fragment. After assessing the footprint for some time, he realized that it was so familiar because it was his! The renowned detective had shot someone while sleepwalking! The bullet matched his own revolver and he’d even woken up with wet shoes and socks.
  • The detective was such a stand-up guy, nobody could believe he was capable of murder. Which I guess is true, it was subconsciously that he was harbouring a deadly bloodlust. I wonder if that makes it better or worse. Oh well.
  1. The Spy who fooled me


  • In a chatroom far, far away a teenage boy posed as a lady; but she wasn’t just any female, she was a spy seeking a new recruit.
  • Posing as a 42 year old woman, a 14 year old boy named John groomed an older boy, promising him a job as a spy if he completed an assassination. The catch is that John was ordering his own murder.
  • When he was stabbed a week later, police assumed it was a robbery gone wrong. But after finding the chatroom conversations between the pair of boys. John’s the first person to be charged with attempting to incite his own murder. At least the guy had a knack for the kind of manipulation that will serve him well if he decides to be politician or cult leader one day.
  1. Horror Hotel


  • In the late 1800s, H.H Holmes was the kind of creepy sadist that makes the ‘Saw’ films look like ‘Little House on the Prairie’.
  • Building a hotel unlike any other filled with torture chambers, secret passageways and doorways that opened up to brick walls. He had soundproofed rooms and combustible chambers that allowed him to fill your room with lethal gas or set you on fire. It’s confirmed that he murdered 27 guests probably killed many, many more. While building his torture B&B, Holmes routinely fired builders so that nobody would know the layout of his palace.
  • Well that could happen these days because you’d have the worst AirBnB reviews of all time.


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