10 Bizarre Pregnancy Cravings


From sponges to ­­­­­­cigarette ash, we count ten bizarre but genuine pregnancy cravings!

10 – Charcoal,


  • Whether they drink it, sniff it or eat it, some pregnant women just go gaga for charcoal.
  • In addition to its usefulness in cooking, charcoal is often used during medical emergencies. It absorbs any toxins a patient may have ingested, so if you’ve just eaten paint thinner or a cleaning product it may just save your life.
  • But even if you’re having weird-arse cravings it definitely shouldn’t be eaten recreationally. Doing so will absorb important nutrients from the body – and baby needs those nutrients!

9 – Raw Onion,


  • Nothing’s more refreshing than biting into a delicious raw onion – said no one ever! But as unappetising as they are, raw onions are a popular snack for pregnant women suffering hormone-induced craziness.
  • Fortunately, unlike other items on this list, raw onions are relatively safe to eat when you’re expecting.
  • But be warned: they’ll give you horrible onion breath and they’ll probably make you cry uncontrollably. But that kinda happens anyway when you’re pregnant.

8 – Toothpaste,


  • When you’re finished with that onion craving, don’t forget to brush your teeth – just make sure you don’t develop a toothpaste craving!
  • Sure, eating toothpaste will leave you with nice minty breath, but it’s not a very healthy habit and could indicate an iron or mineral deficiency.
  • Experts recommend chewing on gum or breath mints to sate this craving. Or you could try being less crazy!

7 – Sponges,


  • By now you’ve probably realised pregnancy is a no shame zone, but check out Nicole Bonner’s fibrous pregnancy snack. In just the space of a few months she’s eaten over a thousand
  • But you’re wrong if you think she’ll eat just any old kind of sponge. She’s a freaking sponge connoisseur, and is very particular about what types of sponge she’ll eat and how they’re prepared.
  • If she heads out somewhere for the day she’ll make sure to pack a bag of cut-up sponge pieces. She says they go great with tomato and BBQ sauce. Um, good luck to that child!

6 – Chalk,


  • If you think chalk is only good for drawing on blackboards and sidewalks, you’re in for a surprise. According to a parenting survey in the UK chalk was this season’s must-try weird pregnancy craving.
  • It comes in lots of different colours, so you’ll know you want to try them all. I recommend cherry red, personally. Goes great with a glass of milk.
  • Several of the surveyed women said they kept a box of chalk hidden from their husbands in case their cravings struck. They said it wasn’t necessarily the taste of chalk they wanted, but the texture. Doctors recommend soothing these cravings by eating similar-textured candy. Probably better for bub.


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