10 Bizarre Ways People Became Famous


From aircraft-eating madmen to posing as a reggae boy band, we count 10 Bizarre Ways People Became Famous

10 – Monsieur Mangetout


  • If you translate the name Monsieur Mangetout, it means ‘Mister consume-everything’ which is why it is such a fitting name for this bizarre guy.
  • His real name was Michel Lotito and he was famous for eating giant non-edible things like glass, rubber and even metal. During his career as a professional thing-eater, Mangetout ate entire bicycles, computers and even a goddamn Cessna 150 airplane. He ate the entire plane over a two-year period and could stomach up to two pounds of hard material every single day.
  • Surprisingly, the only food that made this guy sick was bananas and hard boiled eggs.

9 – Ryan Beitz

Ryan Beitz talks about his collection of more than 550 copies of the movie "Speed" in his van in Moscow on April 30.
Ryan Beitz talks about his collection of more than 550 copies of the movie “Speed” in his van in Moscow on April 30.
  • What originally started out as a casual joke at Christmas, turned into Ryan Beitz going on a mission to buy thousands of VHS tapes.
  • Apparently Beitz decided one holiday to gift each of his family members with an identical copy of 1994 film ‘Speed’ featuring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. He then found thirty more VHS copies at a thrift store and bought the lot for $3.10.
  • Beitz’s kickstarter campaign to have his car painted exactly like the vehicle from the movie was successful and now he travels around the country in it on an endless search for more Speed VHS tapes.

8 – Eric Nakagawa


  • One quiet day in Hawaii, a young man took a picture of a cat and added words to it and changed his life forever.
  • Eric Nakagawa is the original creator of one of the most famous memes on the internet, the cheezburger cat. After the image became hugely famous on the internet, Nakagawa started a website called LolCats, and recently sold the domain for a crazy two million dollars.
  • He even went on to publish a book that became a New York Times Best Seller.

7 – Zeddie Little


  • A chance photo at a marathon in 2012 made this guy an overnight internet sensation.
  • Zeddie Little was participating in the Cooper River Bridge Run in South Carolina when he smiled at a random photographer. The other runners in the photo look exhausted, tired and sweaty, but Little looks like he’s in a supermodel photo-shoot. The internet dubbed him ‘Ridiculously Photogenic Guy’.
  • Women of the world were devastated when his identity was revealed and it was reported that he was in a long, committed relationship. Damn.

6 – Gary Dahl


  • One of the most bizarrely successful marketing campaigns ever belonged to a man called Gary Dahl.
  • One night in 1975, Dahl was in a bar talking about how traditional pets are such a hassle to feed and walk all the time, and came up with a crazy idea: pet rocks. He went and bought hundreds of rocks for about a penny a piece and sold them in little carboard houses for $3.95 each. Astoundingly, Dahl sold so many that he practically became a millionaire overnight.
  • Dahl became an advertising legend and you can read all about in the book he wrote called ‘Advertising for Dummies’.


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