10 Bone-Chilling Creepypastas


From haunted video games to sadistic kids’ shows, we count ten creepypastas from the darkest corners of the internet!

10 – BEN Drowned,


  • This popular creepypasta is about a corrupt, seemingly haunted copy of Majora’s Mask for the Nintendo 64.
  • The player receives a used copy of the game from an old man and, upon booting up the existing save file, discovers a series of strange, unscripted events. Songs play in reverse, statues appear at random and the player gets transported without warning to various areas of the game.
  • It turns out the creepy occurrences are communications from a boy named Ben, who drowned. Cryptic messages play – things like: ‘BEN is getting lonely’, ‘You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?’ and ‘You shouldn’t have done that.’ Like Majora’s Mask needed to be any creepier!
  • Accounts on Ben’s death vary, but some believe he drowned at camp with a copy of his favourite game – Majora’s Mask – in his pocket.
  • Check out the chilling game footage. ‘BEN Drowned’ demands to be experienced firsthand.

9 – Candle Cove,


  • In this story, members of an internet forum discuss a children’s show called Candle Cove, which they remembered watching back in the ’70s. The show was about a little girl who imagined she was friends with pirates.
  • In one memorable episode, every character spent the whole time screaming. The little girl just stood there, moaning and crying as though she’d been forced to endure this for hour.
  • As more memories were exchanged, it became clear that this was a deeply sinister show. The main villain was a skeletal character known only as ‘the Skin-Taker’. His mouth slid back and forth instead of opening and closing and, when the little girl asked about it, the Skin-Taker replied that it was ‘To grind your skin’.
  • One commenter asked his mother if she remembered the low-budget kids’ show. She said yes and that he regularly asked for permission to watch it. When he got it, he tuned the television to static and sat, staring blankly, for thirty minutes.

8 – The Rake,


  • In 2003, documents detailing the existence of a mysterious creature were destroyed. It was a cover-up, but public sightings grew more frequent.
  • In 2006, nearly two dozen documents were unearthed, dating from the present day all the way back to the 12th Century. The documents described numerous sightings of the creature known only as ‘The Rake’.
  • In one terrifying account, a couple woke in the middle of the night. With a gasp, the man grabbed his wife after spotting a big, hairless dog-like creature seated at the foot of their bed.
  • While the couple adjusted to the darkness, the creature sprang up, crouching less than a foot from the husband’s face. Its cold eyes stared at him for awhile, then it dashed towards their children’s bedrooms.
  • The terrified couple chased it, but were too late. They found their daughter in her bedroom, mutilated and close to death. Her final words were: ‘He is The Rake.’

7 – SCP Foundation,


  • The Secure, Contain, and Protect Foundation is a shady organisation that first emerged in 2007. On its staff are doctors, researchers and agents, and their aim is to research and catalogue strange creatures and objects known as ‘SCPs’.
  • The foundation’s goal is to prevent SCPs from reaching the outside world and, in the name of successful research, scientists often performs sadistic experiments on death row inmates.
  • The creature that started it all was the SCP-173, a statue-like monstrosity with short limbs and a bloody face. This creature must be constantly monitored. It’s been determined that it cannot move while in direct eyesight; however, once eye contact is broken this lethal creature immediately kills its victim by breaking their neck. Don’t approach at any cost.

6 – 1999,


  • In ‘1999’, a Canadian blogger tries to uncover the chilling truth behind a mysterious TV station he watched in 1999. He fears it was run by a local predator.
  • His investigation reveals that the man behind the channel attempted to lure children to his house to sacrifice them. The deranged man would torture and kill children in his bear costume and called himself ‘Mr Bear’.
  • Some disturbing ‘shows’ ran between 4.00 and 9.00 pm. One low-budget show called Booby featured live-action hand characters on a tabletop.
  • During an episode called ‘Playing with Scissors’, the main character, Booby, appeared holding a pair of scissors. Meanwhile, another, smaller hand jerked violently in the background, as if being forcefully held in the air. Booby repeatedly stabbed the smaller hand with the scissors while a muffled child’s scream could be heard. The scissors eventually made a disturbing crunching sound, indicating that Booby had struck bone.
  • Police eventually intervened and the sadistic station was shut down.


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