10 Bone Chilling Real Ghost Photos

  • From ghostly farm children to the one place you shouldn’t order pizza from we look at 10 bone-chilling real ghost photos.

10 – The Phantom Pilot,


  • Yep turns out that helicopter at your local aircraft museum is totally infested with ghosts of dead pilots.
  • That’s what Mrs. Sayer found out on a trip to her local Fleet Air Arm Station in Somerset, deciding to take a cute photo of her sitting in an attack helicopter. But that went from cute to downright creepy when the photo was developed, showing a man in the seat next to her.
  • Sayer and the people she was with claim she was the only one in the photo when it was taken so that leaves only one explanation right…

9 – The Watcher,


  • If you thought the outback was scary enough with its deadly animals and weather then I’ve got some bad news for you…It’s also haunted.
  • This photo taken in the Northern Territory in 1959 shows a ghostly figure with what looks binoculars standing in the middle of a patch of dirt.
  • Why binoculars? Probably so the ghost can keep a look out for the crocodiles that would have killed them the first time around. Really it makes sense that one of the most deadly places on Earth is full of ghosts.

8 – The Farm,


  • Ah the country, fresh air, wide open space, cows and ghost children ruining your photos.
  • This photo taken by Neil Sandbach in 2008 was an attempt to catch the scenic qualities of this English farm but instead caught a glimpse of a child like figure in white.
  • Residents of the farm later mentioned that there had been multiple sightings of the same ghost running around the barn area. Well that settles that, I’m never going out to the country again, fuck fresh air and cows.

7 – The Backseat Driver,


  • That’s right next time you’re driving alone hear the soft whisper of some criticising that turn you just took then someone probably died in your car.
  • After visiting her mother’s grave, Mabel Chinnery took a photo of her husband who was waiting in the car and caught a mysterious figure in the back seat. Mabel recognised the figure as her mother.
  • Meaning that the mother was haunting the husband for not getting his ass out of the car to come visit her grave. Forever she would taunt his poor driving…at least that’s how I hope the story goes.

6 – Here’s Grandpa,


  • Well everyone is unhappy with surprise visits from their relatives…especially when they have been dead for 13 years.
  • This photo taken of a 94 year old grandmother had a surprise that no one noticed for 3 years, the ghost of her dead husband literally watching over her.
  • When compared with photos of the husband the resemblance is quite striking either that or the giant from Twin Peaks decided that now that series was cancelled he’d just photobomb old women.


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