10 Children that Murdered their Parents

    • From dangerous eloping to murdering for no reason, we count 10 children who murdered their parents.
  • 10 – Andrew Wamsley,
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    • Rick and Suzanna Wamsley were found brutally murdered in their home on December 11th in 2003. The biggest piece of evidence was a clump of hair found clenched in Rick’s fist. It turned out that it belonged to a 19-year-old Susana Toledano.
    • After she was arrested she told the police about three other suspects, one of which provided the gun. But the ones that committed the murder were their son, Andrew and his girlfriend, Chelsea Richardson.
    • It turns out that the parents disapproved of Andrew’s relationship and cut him off because of it, so they killed Mr and Mrs Wamsley.
    • All four received life in prison for their actions.

    9 – Sarah Johnson,

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    • A similar story follows Sarah Johnson, as she murdered her parents in the same year for the same reason, her parents disapproved of her relationship.
    • She carried out the crime on September 2nd also in 2003. Sarah used an old lever-action rifle that the family owned and while she used a glove to cover her fingerprints she made the rookie mistake of throwing it out in the bin in front of the house.
    • Her mother was shot in her sleep and her dad while he was showering at 6 in the morning.

    8 – William Bresnahan Jr,

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    • William Bresnahan Jr stabbed his Dad to death after a heated argument while camping in 1964, he then went on to bludgeon his mother to death after telling her what he’d done.
    • He confessed the crime to the police; it turns out that Will was abused by his parents from a young age and this argument was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.
    • Nonetheless, he still received two life sentences in prison.
    • But he didn’t spend the rest of his life rotting in jail, instead he took courses from the university of Colorado and did well enough to be let out on parole in ’77. William ended up becoming a doctor that treated migrant workers in California.
    • His ability to turn his life around was recognised by the state in the way of an unconditional pardon from Governor Roy Roymer.

    7 – Seth Privacky,

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    • Seth Privacky walked a completely different path. He killed his 19-year-old brother while he was watching TV and then waited for the rest of his family to return home for thanksgiving. Not even his girlfriend, April Boss, survived the slaughter.
    • His brother’s, father’s, grandfather’s, mother’s and girlfriend’s bodies were being moved by Seth and his best friend when April’s parents came by saw them both. This time he took off running, but he was quickly found and arrested.
    • He killed everyone because his dad was threatening to throw him out and no one in his family was sticking up for him.
    • Seth was shot to death 22-years-later during a failed escape attempt.

    6 – Jasmine Richardson,

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    • On The 23rd of April, 2006, Debra and Marc Richardson were viciously stabbed to death, not only that but Jacob, their eight year old son, was found upstairs with a slit throat and Jasmine, their 12-year-old daughter, was missing.
    • Jasmine and her 23-year-old boyfriend, Jeremy Steinke were found in the next providence over and both were convicted for the murder.
    • For obvious reasons the Richardson’s disapproved of their daughter’s relationship. So Jeremy got the idea from TV to murder her parents and elope.
    • Jeremy got three life sentences, and Jasmine ended up in a psychiatric hospital and has apparently shown remorse for the murders.


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