10 Controversial Videos You’re Banned from Watching


From cannibal body mutilation to locking away episodes distressing kids shows we look at 10 controversial videos you’re banned from watching.

10 – The Columbine Basement Tapes,


  • Two psychopathic teenagers yelling at a camera is apparently something that you aren’t allowed to see.
  • After the Columbine shootings police seized a number of VHS tapes found in the basement of one the shooters. The tapes apparently have the killers detailing the plans for the attack and only transcripts have been released to the public by authorities.
  • While the tapes were originally withheld as evidence in the investigation in 2003 the courts informed the local sheriff that they could be released, however he declined to do so fearing that other teenagers would take inspiration from them. Too bad international news media had already shown people footage of the actual killings.

9 – Owen Heart’s Fall,


  • Well wrestling may be fake but falling from the top of a stadium to your death sure isn’t.
  • When a stunt involving the wrestler swinging into the ring from 50 feet up went wrong, Heart crashed down on to a piece of metal below. The event was being broadcast on Pay-per view and cameras turned away, showing only the audiences’ reaction to the fall.
  • Some cameras did however capture the whole fall but the WWE has vowed to never release the footage. Which is probably the respectful thing to do, if only the WWE took as much care with their OH&S.

8 – Steve Irwin’s Stingray Encounter,


  • The death of everyone’s favourite croc hunter is something his family desperately don’t want you to see.
  • While filming a documentary on stingrays in the Great Barrier Reef, Steve Irwin was barbed by one of the sea creatures killing him soon after. And Cameras were rolling the whole time to capture the tragedy. Cameramen also caught the attempted resuscitation because it was a rule to never stop filming on Irwin’s shoots.
  • But since the infamous death Irwin’s family have had possession of the only copies, supposedly destroying them but still screenshots have appeared online along with some snippets that a too blurry to be confirmed as genuine.

7 – Brandon Lee’s Final Scene,


  • When you accidently kill you leading man you kinda don’t want to eagerly show people footage of it happening.
  • While filming “The Crow” Bruce Lee’s son Brandon Lee was killed when prop bullets turned into real bullets in scene where Lee is shot. The live round struck Lee in his abdomen, just right of his belly button.
  • The cameras where rolling the whole time but the footage was ordered to be destroyed by director Alex Proyas. However some of cameramen claim to still possess copies. This bit of footage should probably go with Lee to the grave.

6 – The Wicked Witch on Sesame Street,


  • Oh the problems with reprising your most iconic role only to psychological scar children and have it hidden away from existence, we’ve all been there.
  • In 1976 Margret Hamilton was a guest star on Sesame Street playing the role which made her famous for traumatising kids, the Wicked Witch of the West. While the episode appears to have been tame, a relatively large number of parents complained that their children were distressed by the witch.
  • The network order the episode to never be aired again even though new test screenings suggested that kids had no problems with the witch. We at least someone was thinking of the children.


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