10 Crazy Gaming Easter Eggs


From completely random events triggered from strangely specific actions, to creepy references that will set your hair on end, we count 10 Easter eggs that are even better than chocolate.

10 – Guy Savage,


  • There’s a scene in Metal Gear Solid 3 where Snake is being tortured by Volgin, if you save right after the scene finishes and then load that save you’ll enter Snake’s dream.
  • The dream is a hack and slash mini-game where you run around with two swords killing slow moving zombies, there’s no point system or even a boss, it just runs for five-minutes and then ends abruptly with snake waking up.

9 – Chatting Guards,


  • In the sixth mission of Halo 4 you can find two guards standing near a forklift, if you wait around long enough they’ll start talking to each other revealing that they’re voiced by two celebrities, let’s have a watch shall we?
  • Did you recognise the voices? It was Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter.

8 – Cheese Wedges,


  • For some strange reason there’s a wedge of cheese hidden in each level of Perfect Dark for the N64; they don’t have a particularly high poly-count but it’s still odd that they used up precious memory space.
  • The leading theory was that they were actually put in the game in order to unlock cheats, but they found that time trials created a much more rewarding process, but they left the cheese in because they were attached to the cheddar.

7 – Hadouken,


  • If you follow a long specific set of challenges in Mega Man X, including jumping through a metric fuck-tonne of hoops, collecting every upgrade and beating an entire stage without taking any damage you can unlock the Hadouken.
  • Once you get it, you fire it the same way you do in Street Fighter 2.
  • Megaman X2 added the Shoryuken in a similar way, except the path to unlock it was way easier.

6 – A Payneful Face,


  • Alan Wake was made by the same developer as Max Payne, so there’s a lot of references to Remedy’s first game in the game.
  • One that’s particularly fun to look at is when the same person who modelled for Max Payne’s face appears in a live action clip he pulls the same expression.
  • Possibly the best one is when you find a burned out video game developer who keeps complaining about mullets and mullet time.


  • Epic (39%)
  • Wat (20%)
  • Creepy (17%)
  • Lewd (12%)
  • No (12%)