10 Crazy theories People Actually Believed

  • From Geniuses Trying to Predict the Future, to the –real- reason the dinosaurs went extinct. We look at 10 Crazy theories People Actually Believed

10 – Pythagoras’s Theory,


  • If you remember much of anything from your time with maths at school, you probably remember a squared plus b squared equals c squared, which is correct, but Pythagoras also believed you could write on the moon with mirrors and human blood.
  • But that’s not all that Pythagoras believed, he had an entire cult that employed crazy ideas, such as peeing in relation to the sun, beans being a source of evil and that there are no numbers that have digits that go on forever.

9 – Using Magnets to Explain Why Gay Marriage is Wrong,


  • In 2013 a grad student from Nigeria used magnets to ‘disprove’ gay marriage as a valid ceremony, no he wasn’t working from his basement he actually got funding from the university to do this research.
  • Basically it works like this, opposite poles of magnets attract one another and like sided poles repel, therefore gays are bad mkay, absolutely no flawed logic in this gem of a study.

8 – A Cold Sun,


  • The very same person that discovered the planet Uranus also believed that while the sun looked incredibly hot from every which way you look at it, it’s actually a giant cool planet-like entity and the reason it looks hot is because of clouds.
  • Which is made even more insane by the fact that he even studied sun spots for a long time, he even correlated the appearance of sun spots with the rise and fall of the wheat market. Which isn’t disproven, but is considered highly unlikely.

7 – Turtles All The Way Down,


  • Craziness isn’t restricted to the scientific community, various communities all over the world, including China, America and India believe that the world is flat and that it’s on the back of a turtle.
  • Although very few people literally believe this theory in the Hindu faith, it is often used in philosophical arguments, in which the popular phrase ‘it’s turtles all the way down’ appears frequently when someone asks what the turtle is on.

6 – Tectonic Strain,


  • Back to crazy people funded by universities, a professor of neuroscience believed that tectonic shifts caused electro-magnetic fields (e.g. light) that caused hallucinations in humankind.
  • This was his answer to why so many people believed that UFOs, ghosts or any number of paranormal entities exist.
  • This is not held as highly valid today as tectonic shifts tend not to cause all that much light and very little of it is unique, also light causing your brain to hallucinate is almost scoff-worthy.



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