10 Creepiest Haunted Train Stations


From phantom screams to passengers shoved onto tracks by invisible forces, we count ten of the creepiest haunted train stations in the world!

10 – Panteones Metro Station, Mexico,


  • Panteones Metro Station was bound to attract some paranormal activity; its name literally means graveyard and it’s a stone’s throw away from not one but two old cemeteries. Obviously conditions are just right for a haunting.
  • Workers have frequently reported hearing eerie footsteps and ghostly knocks on walls in the tunnel between Panteones and Tacuba stations, and there have also been reports of shadowy lumps manifesting and vanishing whenever workers approach them.
  • An eerie video of the phenomenon went viral in 2009. It showed train engineers hearing hair-raising screams all along the track. These screams weren’t a one-off, either; they can be heard whenever the station closes for the night.

9 – Caobao Road Subway Station, China,


  • China’s Caobao Road Subway Station has a terrifying history of death and disaster. Situated on line one of the Shanghai subway station, Caobao is the site of wandering spirits, nine mysterious deaths and countless inexplicable train breakdowns. Numerous commuters have also been dragged or pulled off platforms by invisible hands – some to their deaths.
  • Other strange reports include sightings of a girl in red, who was spotted on a platform seat days after she had committed suicide. A woman’s laughter was also heard in a dark railway tunnel in the middle of the night when no one was around.
  • It’s not all that surprising Caobao Station has such a bad reputation, as it was built near a mortuary. Many locals refer to it as ‘Ghost Station’.

8 – Macquarie Fields Station, Australia,


  • Macquarie Fields is a quiet suburban railway station south-west of Sydney. It seems harmless, but multiple witnesses have reported hauntings.
  • Allegedly, the ghost of a teenage girl can be seen late at night haunting the almost deserted station. Her spirit paces the grounds and her screams get louder and louder. She is dressed like she was going out dancing and clutches her blood-soaked chest. Her moans and groans suggest a traumatic passing.
  • Paranormal researchers who photographed the station uncovered ectoplasmic manifestations and ghostly figures watching them.

7 – Chittoor Railway Station, Andhra Pradesh,


  • Bordering India’s south-east coast, the Chittoor Railway Station has such a bad reputation that fearful commuters steer well clear of its platform in the evenings.
  • This is because Central Reserve Police official, Hari Singh, was allegedly attacked by railway security personnel and a couple of ticket inspectors while on duty aboard a New Delhi-bound Kerala Express on October 31, 2013.
  • Severely wounded, Hari Singh disembarked at Chittoor Railway Station and was later admitted to a local government hospital. He later died from his injuries and it’s said his spirit hovers over the platforms ‘in search of justice’.

6 – Addiscombe Railway Station, England,


  • Addiscombe Railway Station was a terminus at the east end of Croydon until it was demolished in 2001. The station was rife with reports of supernatural activity and was heavily rumoured to be haunted by the spirit of a malevolent train driver who died on the tracks.
  • The driver was killed in the early 1900s and regularly appeared as a grey figure with blurred features who walked among the sheds – specifically around Siding No. 4, where a water boiler once exploded, killing workers. The areas he appears are thought to be colder than anywhere else in the station.
  • There were also reports that this restless spirit moved the trains around in the dead of night.


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