10 Creepiest Haunted Train Stations


5 – Bishan MRT Station, Singapore,


  • Bishan MRT Station is home to several incidents that will send shivers you’re your spine. It’s another station located eerily close to burial grounds – this time the Bi Shan Teng centenary.
  • Because of this, night-time commuters have spotted phantom coffin bearers and headless figures in and around the station.
  • Several women have also reported invisible hands groping them, and many have heard human footsteps on the rooves of moving trains.

4 – Waterfront Station, Canada,


  • Vancouver’s bustling Waterfront Station was built in 1915 and is said to be one of the most haunted buildings in the city. Many of the station’s guards have reported poltergeist activity and ghosts and other apparitions are common sights for the guards on night vigil.
  • These spirits have included a woman in a 1920s flapper dress who dances to old-time music and vanishes when approached. There was also the transparent figure of an old woman who reached out to a guard as he came towards her.
  • On another occasion, phantom footsteps could be heard and some office desks rearranged themselves to prevent a guard from escaping. Could be the ghost of an interior decorator. I bet the guard left before the ink dried on his resignation form.

3 – Kings Cross Station, London,

  • In 1998, a Kings Cross commuter first caught sight of the frightening apparition that is said to haunt the busy London station. He approached a distressed woman to offer her help but passed right through her!
  • The young woman, who is described as having long brown hair and dressed in modern clothing, has been seen by hundreds of commuters since – always in the same spot.
  • The lady is said to scream loudly with her arms outstretched – but she always disappears whenever someone approaches her. One popular theory is that the woman is a victim of 1987’s infamous Kings Cross fire.

2 – Rabindra Sarobar Railway Station, India,


  • The Rabindra Sarobar Railway Station in the city of Kolkata is affectionately known as the Paradise of Suicide because seventy percent of all the metro train suicides have taken place there. Because of this the station is like a booked-out hotel for spirits with unfinished business.
  • Mysterious shadows move on the platform late in the evenings and drivers and passengers aboard the last train of the night have witnessed ghost-like apparitions appearing for split-seconds on the tracks.

1 – Begunkodor Train Station, India,


  • West Bengal’s Begunkodor Train Station is known as one of the most haunted train stations in the world. Officials closed the station in 1967 following the sudden death of a staff member under mysterious circumstances.
  • The station remained closed for forty-two years as, according to village legend, someone at the station would die whenever a lady in a white saree appeared nearby. It’s thought that this vengeful spirit was once hit by a train and is now unable to move on.
  • The station was controversially reopened in 2009 after Mamta Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, put her foot down and said, ‘I don’t believe in ghosts.’ Despite this, many locals avoid the station, believing it’s still haunted.


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