10 Creepiest Things Found in Hotel Rooms


From peepholes to a severed hand, we count ten of the creepiest things found in hotel rooms!

10 – Severed Hand,


  • It’s pretty common for people to leave clothes or books behind when they check out of a hotel. But you’d have to pretty distracted to forget that severed hand you have in your possession.
  • That’s right: staff at a hotel in Flint, Michigan found an actual severed human hand under a bed while cleaning. It turned out that the owner of the hand had been murdered during a failed drug deal and the mobsters responsible had accidentally left it behind.
  • Maybe it was a like a weird souvenir for the hotel staff, or like a really shitty tip? Either way, don’t follow their example. Stick to leaving one-star reviews on Trip Advisor.

9 – Breast Implants,


  • Some guests checking into a London hotel discovered something a little creepier than a complimentary chocolate. Sitting there on the freshly made bed was a pair of human breast implants.
  • The guests immediately thought they’d stumbled into the aftermath of a psychotic surgeon’s murdering spree, but it turned out the woman the breast implants belonged to had misplaced them while on her way to get plastic surgery.
  • I bet she felt like a right boob when she realised they were missing.

8 – Diary,


  • The owner of a bed and breakfast found quite possibly the creepiest old battered notebook you could ever hope to find. It was hidden under a mattress and it was Salad Fingers’ diary! The man started to read it and realised sleep wouldn’t be coming anytime soon.
  • The spooky notebook detailed a strange and unsettling obsession its owner had with … salad. It had forty-one pages of poems, explicit descriptions, salad dressing recipes and even pasted-in leaf textures. The journal looked like it had been kept for several years and the author seemed to believe that salad – the object of their intense affection – was actually alive.
  • Look, salad’s great and everything, but lettuce take a moment to reflect on how disturbed this person is. I mean, we all know you can’t exactly make friends with salad…

7 – Peepholes,


  • This one will strike a chord with fans of Hitchcock’s Psycho. A Canadian couple found a hidden peephole in the wall of their luxury Mexican hotel room. I know, I know… I thought this only happened in Scooby Doo cartoons too.
  • Sarah Edwards knew something was wrong the day they checked in. She said she felt like someone other than her smitten husband was watching her shower, and heard strange noises, like a latch opening. It turned out the shower backed onto a utility closet, where one pervy janitor had decided to perform some secret renovations.
  • Definitely not a great place to spend your one-year anniversary. Unless you’re kinky exhibitionists. Just tell ’em Pervy Pete sent you.

6 – Dead Animals,


  • Some brave hotel cleaning staff investigating an odour complaint found something that just about made ’em turn vegetarian. The guests staying there had left a half-skinned deer in the bathtub and strung dead fish all over the room.
  • Come on guys! I know the hotel said it was ‘animal friendly’, but that means like a dog or a cat, or possibly a well-trained spider monkey. It doesn’t mean bring trophies from your recent hunting trip!
  • I mean, I’m pretty sure the hotel would’ve had a clause about mutilated deer corpses. This is small-town America we’re talking about.


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