10 Dangerous Things We Do Every Day


From dealing with your acne the wrong way to how your shoes can kill you, we look at 10 Dangerous Things We Do Every Day.

  1. Sneezing


  • Ever had a particularly strong sneeze that leaves you reeling like some just punched you from the inside of your face?
  • Well then you’re lucky it was worse because under the right conditions a simple achoo could kill you. But don’t worry it might only just crack your ribs…or cause a disk to slip in your spine… or burst your ear drums.
  • Hell it can even trigger a heart attack. All because our bodies aren’t 100% perfect when it comes to exploding snot out of your face at 100 MPH. Go figure.
  1. Pimple Popping


  • We all know the great satisfaction of squeezing out one of those infected little bastards on our faces but unfortunately there is a price to pay.
  • Other than the obvious problems with scarring, popping pimples can lead to illness and even death. This is mainly to the fact that you’re ripping your skin open and allowing all manner of gross shit access to your blood stream.
  • You may have even heard of the “Triangle of Death” around the nose. Some doctors are adamant you should not pop anything around here due to the high amount of blood vessels. Especially because many lead right to the brain and infection there can cause death.
  1. Sleeping


  • If you like to sleep in then I’ve got some very…VERY bad news for you.
  • Research has recently shown that getting more than 9 hours of shut eye a night is actually about as bad for your health as smoking. The lazy of us are actually 4 times more likely to die a premature death for those extra few hours of dream time.
  • However on the flip side you’re also at the same risk if you get less than 7 hours sleep a night. Which all means that sleeping is one the most life threatening things you can do and that’s not even going into your chances of falling out of bed and dying.
  1. Taking a Shower


  • Bathing has become so common in the modern world that we often forget that showering is essentially scalding rain.
  • At least it can be if you don’t know how to use your taps right… or if something goes wrong. It may sound absurd but 34 people die every year just in the US from injuries involving hot tap water.
  • And if that doesn’t kill you then slipping on the wet floor and cracking your head open on the ground probably will. Bathrooms are fuckin’ deadly but please…don’t stop showering, your BO is just as killer.
  1. Wearing High Heels


  • What price are you willing to pay for fashion? Other than the absurd actual prices? Because high heels are messing you up.
  • These demonic pieces of footwear are well known to cause MAJOR problems in ladies feet…and men if they chose to wear them. Causing toes to totally deform and after years of wear can put you in a wheel chair.
  • They also make your chances of falling over and severely injuring yourself much higher. One doctor reported a case of “patient fell and high heel became lodged in her vagina causing injury”…think about that next time you slip a pair on.


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