10 Disturbing Stories from the Deep Web

  • From human experimentation to a video game that will leave you permanently scarred for life we look at 10 disturbing stories from the deep web

10 – How to Cook a Woman,


  • Well if you are looking for a risqué recipe for your next dinner party then the deep web has you covered, as long as Hannibal Lector is on your guest list.
  • While there have been many reports of forums full of people swapping tips on having human for lunch but perhaps the most chilling is the one lucky individual who stumbled upon a detailed guide on how to butcher and properly cook women.
  • But it’s not known if the site had tips on what marinades to use or what sauces go best with human flesh, I’m betting it’s probably honey mustard.

9 – Sad Satan,


  • Holy hell what’s more disturbing than walking down badly lit hallways while Hitler yells at you about Germany’s prosperous future?
  • This pretty well known story from earlier this year was brought up by the YouTube channel Obscure Horror Corner, reporting that the game had come from a deep web link that subscribers had sent him. The game featured demon children and the awesome extra feature of leaving you txt files on your desktop about Satan.
  • After the channel stop posting the videos of the game and no one being able to find it on the deep web, most people have ruled this one a hoax by the channel with them creating the game. File this one under “true” stories and “shit I’m never installing”.

8 – Paedophile Fan Fiction,


  • Ah the joys of erotic fan fiction, inserting yourself into your favourite show and banging your favourite characters…but not when that show is “Toddlers in Tiaras”.
  • One deep web explorer came back with a certified “Nope” when they stumbled upon a forum of people posting their own fan fiction about having sex with children from TV shows.
  • The one that the poor sole had read was about a man writing himself as a coach on the reality show about toddler beauty pageants doing unspeakable things to the contestants….And I thought my Star Trek fan fiction was bad…

7 – We See You,


  • Here’s a campfire story for all of those who can remember what the world was like when being on the internet was mostly looking at Geocities.
  • One brave redditor described finding a page that was mostly cryptic messages and stray thoughts. When digging further they found a server with a directory of what looked like military faxes and HTML files containing psychologists notes.
  • Then a HTML was uploaded with the message “We See You” right before the server went dark. Secret military psychology site or nerdy prank? Considering the story came from an account named Fake-fakington it probably never happened…or did it?

6 – No Love Deep Web,


  • Oh boy a scavenger hunt across multiple cities with no hint over why or what it’s for! Sign me up!
  • Well it was actually an “Augmented Reality Game” to promote the album No Love Deep Web by Death Grips but some of the stuff that happened on this scavenger hunt is pretty ridiculous for a band trying to sell you an album.
  • One hunter travelled across to a different city to answer a pay phone that just had a heavily breathing voice on the other end. I’m pretty bummed I didn’t get to participate in this guys.


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