10 Dumbest Reasons People Were Fired From Their Jobs


From excessively quoting a television show to being so sexy you distract your boss­­­­­­, we count ten of the dumbest reasons people were fired from their jobs!

10 – Coach Fired For Leading Team to Victory,


  • A sporting coach’s job is to lead their team to victory. However, Covenant School basketball coach Micah Grimes discovered that sometimes it’s possible to win by too much.
  • In 2009, Grimes guided his all-girl high school basketball team to a 100-0 victory over a team from an academy specialising in helping kids with learning differences, like dyslexia.
  • Staff at the Covenant School decided winning by such a huge margin was unchristianly and an embarrassment to the school. Grimes refused to apologise, so was kindly shown the door.

9 – Fired For Repeating a Seinfeld Quote,


  • ‘What’s the deal with getting fired for stupid reasons?’ That’s what Jerry Seinfeld might say if we heard the story of Cedar Falls native, John Preston.
  • John was fired from his job for doing what many of us have done: annoying his co-workers with his favourite television quotes.
  • While at a work retreat, John joined his co-workers in enacting the legendary Seinfeld gag of saying ‘You’re so good looking’ rather than ‘bless you’ whenever someone sneezed.
  • Unfortunately, most of these were directed at a female co-worker, so, though he meant no offence, it was considered sexual harassment and was grounds for his dismissal.
  • The funny thing is the whole situation would actually make for a great Seinfeld

8 – Fired For Wearing Orange,

  • The fashion police strike again! At a Florida law firm, a group of office workers started a tradition of wearing orange on paydays. It was a sign of solidarity when they went out for happy hour after work.
  • The tradition went on for months without incident – until some new company executives came aboard. They saw the unconventional uniform choices and wrongly assumed it was as an insult or form of protest. They were so offended that they fired all fourteen employees who dared to blend red and yellow and gave them no severance pay.
  • The company had no policy against wearing orange and, although federal law protects workers against several forms of discrimination, it doesn’t extend to choice of dress.
  • Clearly executive types are threatened by nonconformity, but haven’t they heard orange is the new black?



  • Email etiquette can be tricky. It can be all too easy for co-workers to read something into an email that the author didn’t intend.
  • Vicki Walker knows all about this. She was a New Zealand office worker who sent a mass email to her co-workers at ProCare Health. To get their attention she made liberal use of bolded text, used a bright red font and capitalised all the letters. That was her showing restrain, too; I mean, she managed to hold off from using emoticons.
  • Unfortunately, management decided that they could no longer allow this madwoman to sit behind a keyboard, so dismissed her, claiming that she had caused ‘disharmony in the office’.
  • Nicki fought the dismissal and was awarded $17,000.

6 – Fired For Trivial 50-Year-Old Felony,


  • In 2012, sixty-eight-year-old Richard Eggers was fired from his bank teller job when it emerged that he had a criminal past. Sounds fair enough, right? Maybe, except the crime in question back dated all the way back to 1963.
  • Was it something reprehensible like murder? No, all Richard was guilty of was using a cardboard cut-out of a dime to operate a Laundromat washing machine.
  • His teenage crime surfaced because of new federal banking regulations, which forbade the employment of anyone convicted of crimes involving ‘dishonesty’ or ‘money laundering’.
  • I hope no one finds out about that cookie I stole from the cookie jar at five years old. It could spell the end of my accounting career.


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