10 Dumbest Social Media Break Ups

From chlamydia riddled ex-lovers to crazy jealous girlfriends, we look at 10 of the dumbest social media break ups.

  1. Double Burn


  • This couple proves that declaring victory in a break-up is a fickle business.
  • This chick sounds pretty crazy to begin with, airing out their dirty laundry at her guy’s workplace and then burning all his clothes. While she thinks she’s got the upper hand, he breaks it to her that he’s done just as much damage to her own life in the hour since she left him.
  • These guys sound as bat-shit crazy and vindictive as each other but he definitely had the final word. I guess crazy attracts crazy.
  1. Dumb People Shouldn’t Cast the First Stone


  • So many ladies like to post almost inspirational mantras on social media to help them get through a tough time.
  • This woman’s ex is pretty clueless though; he tries to point out her contradictory values by saying if she never gives up then why’d they get divorced. Unfortunately, he left himself open to her telling everyone that he got her sister pregnant. That’s some Maurie shit right there.
  • She lets everyone see that he’s the douchebag villain of every romantic comedy. Goes to show you how dumb people shouldn’t cast the first stone, especially in a break-up.
  1. Cheater Inception


  • Shaming someone on social media is pretty tricky because it might just reveal your own ridiculousness.
  • She’s shaming her ex, saying how she doesn’t want to date a cheater because he wanted to be with his WIFE. Hmmm you play with fire, ya gonna get burnt. You really can’t assume that some dude is actually going to leave his wife once you’re the other woman.
  • It’s like cheater Inception. ‘That monster is a cheater’, you’d think she knew that from when he started cheating on his wife. It’s like meeting someone at a golf range and then being surprised that they play golf.
  1. Slow Clap


  • This girl is cleaning out her closet and getting a course of antibiotics.
  • She’s pretty brave to announce to her Friend’s list that her ex should definitely have bothered to wrap his tool, since he acted the fool. I guess when you’re the shattered recipient of an STI shit’s gonna get real, super quick. Especially when you’re the faithful member of your relationship.
  • Dudes like this are like an advertisement for abstinence; don’t have sex, you’ll get the (clap).
  1. Filthy Facebook


  • When you announce your newfound single-dom on social media, you’re bound to get some commentary.
  • At least this guy’s friends are supportive though, reminding him what a dick his ex is and showing relief that he finally wised up to her shady bullshit. Michael however, is a filthy bastard and I can’t help but wonder if he conspired with the previous commenter to set him up for a line like this.
  • With friends like these who needs to watch movies for filthy one-liners?


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