10 Dumbest Things That Became Trends


From wearing your pants around your ankles to ­­­­­­setting yourself on fire, we count ten of the dumbest things that became trends!

10 – Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge,


  • Kardashian fans desperately want plump lips like their idol Kylie Jenner – and they were willing to go to some crazy lengths to get them.
  • The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge is a viral craze where participants squeeze their lips into a shotglass, suck out all the air out and then look on in horror as their lips puff up to roughly three times their normal size.
  • It sounds stupid – I mean harmless – enough, but it’s actually pretty dangerous. You see, Kylie Jenner achieved this look by using comparatively safe temporary lip fillers. The shotglass method, on the other hand, can cause severe bruising and even permanent scarring or disfigurement! A lot of people who did this tore blood vessels, so y’know don’t do this. Appreciate your lips! They’re what separates us from birds.

9 – The Knockout Game,


  • This one definitely requires a ‘don’t try this at home’ disclaimer. The Knockout Game is a disgusting game where assholes post footage of themselves punching out unsuspecting strangers.
  • The ‘game’ is to see if you can knock victims out with just one punch. The most disturbing part is the attackers aren’t even doing it to rob them; they’re only doing it solely to become famous on the internet.
  • Victims have included women and the elderly, and several lives have been lost because of this messed up game.

8 – Salt and Ice Challenge,


  • Not many people would consider burning themselves fun, but apparently enough do to start a sad little internet trend.
  • It’s called the Salt and Ice Challenge and it involves putting salt on your skin, then holding an ice cube to it. The idea is to film yourself as you scream in pain. Sounds fun, right? The ‘game’ comes from seeing how long you can last. Those with the best pain threshold get a gold fucking star or a ‘like’, or something.
  • As anyone with more than twelve brain cells would know, this game is dangerous. It can cause first degree burns, infection and potentially even permanent damage to muscles and bones. One boy held ice on his back for a couple of minutes and received blistering burns that took all summer to heal. His whole life became a cycle of taking antibiotics and applying lotion.

7 – The Harlem Shake,


  • Moving away from dumb asses hurting themselves, let’s check out the Harlem Shake: a short-lived internet dance craze where people tried to become famous by spazzing out on camera.
  • Basically a song plays while participants stand around acting normal. Then the beat drops and everything just becomes chaos! People jump and thrash around, popping and pivoting their shoulders, and then weird stuff drops into frame. Y’know, like Mario having a dance-off with Godzilla.
  • Everyone took to YouTube to show off whatever version they’d cooked up and then they all woke up with Harlem Shake hangovers and were like, ‘Wait a minute… This is really dumb’.

6 – Sagging Pants,


  • In the late Nineties, the smell of revolution was in the air. Young guys threw their belts in the trash and said ‘No more! From today we’ll wear our pants around our ankles!’ Okay, so it wasn’t that low – was more the upper thigh – but they definitely weren’t wearing them around their waists like they were supposed to!
  • Sagging pants are one of the most hated fashion trends in the world. This trend originated in prison and was a pretty common sight in gang culture.
  • The fashion crime bothers people so much that New Jersey recently passed a law against it. If you wear your pants too low in Penns Grove you could be fined up to $1,000. That’s rough. You could buy like three hundred belts with that.


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