10 Embarrassing Snapchat Fails


From getting caught out pretending to sleep to ­­­­­­the bizarre phenomenon of toilet selfies, we count ten unbelievable Snapchat fails!

10 – Bae Caught Me Sleeping,


  • Mirrors: they’re always lying in wait, secretly plotting to sabotage perfectly good selfies. As you can see, this guy knows all about the wrath of mirrors.
  • For some reason, he elaborately staged this picture of himself catching a few Zs. The caption reads: ‘Bae caught me sleeping’. So clearly the subtext is ‘uh oh! I was totally taking this innocent nap when “bae” – which is idiot for “my partner” – came along and snapped this photo. Oh well. Don’t I look cute?’ Meanwhile the mirror in the room said ‘not on my watch, guy’ as it exposed him as the level-five narcissist he is.
  • Look, I really want to continue making fun of this guy, but I can’t help but be impressed that he was able to take such a good photo with his toes. There may be hope for him yet.

9 – Stuck in Traffic,


  • No one likes getting stuck in traffic – it’s the worst! But at least these days when we’re stuck bumper-to-bumper we can the pass the time on our smartphones.
  • This guy thought he’d document how frustrating it is to be caught in traffic. But in a surprise twist the reflection in his sunglasses exposed him as a big fat liar!
  • Apparently this is pretty common. I really don’t get why anyone would want to trick others into thinking they were stuck in traffic. Just tell the truth: you were driving around looking for friends. It’s okay.

8 – Toilet Selfies,


  • For the longest time parents have been teaching their kids that it’s good to share. The lesson has finally sunk in, but now, in the digital age, it seems they now need to teach them about the dangers of over
  • Enter toilet selfies – the, err, hottest new Snapchat trend. The idea here is to take a photo of yourself dropping cable and share it with the world. Sounds like fun, right? According to the tagline of one of the biggest toilet pic communities, ‘Doing poos does not get the coverage it deserves. We all do them, so share your poo face with the world!’
  • You’re on a very slippery slope, human race…

7 – Snap of Shame,


  • Nothing’s more terrifying than waking up after a crazy night of debauchery to find a naked stranger in your bed. Well, maybe waking up to said naked stranger in an unfamiliar bed is worse, but they’re both pretty bad. Either way you’re hungover as fuck and have to face the dreaded walk of shame.
  • Several Snapchat users have decided that their awkward moments needed to be immortalised and shared with the world. They’ve captured that horrifying moment when daylight turns last night’s nine into a three.
  • And so begins the eternal tug of war between ‘Can’t wait to do it again next weekend!’ and ‘I’m never drinking again!’

6 – Sprung Selfie,


  • We’ve all taken sneaky selfies in public when we think no one’s watching. The key is to be discreet!
  • As these images remind us it’s worth taking a second glance at your surroundings. Because to a casual observer you look kind of dumb taking that selfie. I mean, what’s with the head tilt and exaggerated pout.
  • Besides we all know the unwritten law of the internet: if someone looks dumb in public it’s our god-given right to make fun of them for it.


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