10 Game Development Secrets


From the beginnings of achievements to an insight into how much it costs to make a game, we count 10 amazing secrets about the video game creation process and how some famous developers got their start.

10 – Mega Man 5 – Viet Cong,


  • There’s a level in Mega Man 5 called ‘Napalm Man’, it has traps and enemies named after animals from Vietnam and the design is strongly reminiscent to the Viet Cong tunnels.
  • Did Vietnam take to this well? Well no, they banned the game in their country, problems like these have propped up a lot since then but this was one of the first and most prominent.

9 – Skull Girls – It Costs What Now?,


  • Lab Zero Games asked for a total of $150,000 to include one entire extra character into their fighting game during a crowdfunding campaign, apparently that this is actually less than it takes to put a character in, they just asked for the amount to finish the process off.
  • So it makes sense that they put in some rather interesting anti-piracy methods, since DRM only lasts so long, they put in a pop-up that only plays on pirated copies that says ‘What is the square roeot of a fish? Now I’m sad.’ at the end of the game in order to confuse pirates.

8 – Activision – The Beginnings of 3rd Parties,


  • Every major console manufacturer does their best to get as much third party support as possible, but it wasn’t always this way.
  • Atari did everything in their power to make it so only they were legally allowed to create game for the 2600, but Activision won a lawsuit and became one of the first ever legally allowed third-party manufacturers.

7 – Tomb Raider – 150% Ta-tas,


  • A lot of characters in the early days of gaming \ needed to have some incredibly distinct art design else they looked generic or like a blob of weirdly shaped geometry.
  • So you might be excused for thinking that Lara Croft’s giant boobs were a conscientious decision, but actually the artist accidentally increased her breast size 100% more than he meant to; he tried to rectify his mistake but the team approved it before he got the chance.

6 – E-Motion – Cheevos,


  • The introduction of achievements to the modern gaming world is generally put up to Microsoft, which is mostly true, but they weren’t the ones to come up with the idea in the first place.
  • The game E-Motion on the Amiga computer had ‘secret bonuses’ which functioned exactly like you’d expect achievements would today, except there were only 5 of them and there weren’t any throw away achievements like ‘kill 5 guys with a dildo bat’.


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  • Wat (19%)
  • Epic (13%)
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