10 Video Game Secrets You Never Realised


10 – Couch Poteyeto,


  • Borderlands 2 character, Tiny Tina, has a lazy eye, but this wasn’t how it was intended and started off as a bug, but the developers thought that it fit her wacky character so they left it in the game.
  • Of course even if they did fix the bug, it wouldn’t have made her any less of the most annoying character since Jar-Jar Binks.

9 – Lazy Masochists,


  • Apparently the developers of the original Ninja Gaiden designed the game to be relatively easy to finish, but the finished product was anything but easy, however, the devs decided they liked the insane difficulty and left it in.
  • One important factor contributing to Ninja Gaiden’s difficulty was the fact that whenever you died you were sent back to the start of the level; this was the result of the developer lying when he said he programmed it in so that you respawned in the middle of the level.

8 – Please Wake Up,


  • At the end of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter it’s revealed that the entire game took place inside Mike’s head, this is because he fell from the tree and entered a coma.
  • However, the original ending was far more macabre, where Mike and Heather were in a car crash where both of the parents died and Heather was left with a comatose brother, trying with all her might to get through to his unconscious state.

7 – Tasty Mercury,


  • We all know how Nintendo thinks that the west is too bad at video games to appreciate any level of difficulty, but sometimes they change parts of the game thanks to cultural differences.
  • In Super Mario World they managed to hit two birds with one stone when they removed Yoshi’s ability to eat dolphins and he instead can use them as a moving platform, making the levels with dolphins that little bit easier, but also less tasty.

6 – Spinning Clock,


  • Clock Tower 1 was one of the first and certainly one of the most successful survival horror games of its time, this may or may not be because it was one of the few SNES titles to implement the mouse.
  • But Clock Tower 1 never actually made it to the west, what we know of Clock Tower 1 over here is number 2 and number 2, the one that came out on the Playstation, was actually a spin-off with barely any connections to the original.


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