10 Giant Animals You Won’t Believe Exist


From giant disgusting creatures to cute and fluffy critters, we count 10 giant animals you won’t believe exist in the modern era.

10 – Giant Gippsland Earthworm,


  • Earth worms are already pretty grotty when you look at them too close, but when they get as big as this worm it’s really quite hard to look at if you’re in any squeamish about this sort of thing.
  • They average 1 metre in length and can reach three times that, their usually around 1 inch in diameter but when they can expand on will to make them all the more gross looking.

9 – Giant Freshwater Stingray,


  • Stingrays are already bad enough, but when you get one that’s can reach up to 4.2 metres long and up to 600 kilograms heavy you’ve got some serious trouble if you come across one.
  • Well actually, they’re not that aggressive, funnily enough, but they do have a nasty venom on their stinger, and the stinger itself has enough force to break through your bones.

8 – Japanese Spider Crab,


  • This is the largest crab in the world, it’s 3.8 metres long from claw to claw, however you’re unlikely to come across one as they live far under the surface of the sea.
  • That is, unless you fish for them, as some Japanese people do, in which case the crab is known to the Japanese for causing serious injuries with its claws, but apparently they’re tasty enough to be worth the risk.

7 – Mydas Flies,


  • I hate flies, they’re always in my face throughout summer and the big blow flies are the worse since you can hear them buzzing around for days if you don’t squish them.
  • But they Mydas fly takes the cake when it comes to size, they have a wingspan of 6 centimetres and a length of 10 centimetres, they only live in arid areas, including the dry parts of America.

6 – Goliath Frog,


  • The biggest living frog on Earth was at least slightly creatively named, it’s found in a tiny part of western Africa and it can grow up to 32 centimetres in length and can weigh up to 3.25 kilograms.
  • They aren’t particularly dangerous, but they can live up to 21 years in captivity, if they’re in the wild they don’t live nearly as long since they’re prey to crocodiles and giant lizards.


5 – Chinese Giant Salamander,


  • This is the largest amphibian known to mankind and one of the weirdest looking animals I’ve ever seen, I mean just look at it, if you saw one of these in a fantasy or sci-fi movie you would think the creator was being extra creative.
  • Unfortunately they’re critically endangered and their habitat has been almost entirely removed, so the ones you can see now don’t even grow up to their potential of 1.8 metres.

4 – Flemish Giant Rabbit,


  • This is the biggest domestic rabbit in the world, yes that’s right you can get yourself a giant fluffy bunny as a pet.
  • It can grow as big as a medium size dog, as you can see here, it can grow up to 6 kilograms in weight.
  • They’re popular in the breeding industry and are used to make bigger rabbits or hares, but they aren’t eaten themselves since they take too long to mature.

3 – Giant Golden-crowned Flying Fox,

Acerodon jubatus

  • This bat is a rare type of megabat and is one of, if not the, largest bat in the world and unfortunately it’s endangered thanks to poachers and deforestation.
  • Its wing span can reach up to 1.7 wide and it’s not in any way aggressive although handling them without training can be dangerous since they can carry some nasty diseases.

2 – Giant African Snails,


  • There are various varieties of Giant African Snail, the western variety is the largest and can grow up to an enormous 21 centimetres in height.
  • These snails are voracious eaters and have caused serious property damage, to the point of destruction even, but that doesn’t stop some people from keeping them as pets.

1 – Portuguese Man o’ War


  • If this doesn’t look weird and alien to you then I don’t know what will, but its appearance is far from the weirdest part of this collection of animals.
  • That’s right it’s a colony of different animals working together in unison, of course they can’t actually separate from one another or they’ll die.


  • The tentacles can grow up to 50 metres long and they have deadly venom which causes up to 10,000 human stings in Australia alone.
  • The sting causes severe pain for 1 to 3 hours, but it won’t kill you unless you’re allergic to it.


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