10 Hilarious Examples of False Advertising.


From misleading mangled popsicles to magical weight loss underpants, we count 10 Hilarious Examples of False Advertising.


10 – Melted Popsicle


  • The person that purchased this popsicle was probably expecting a nice little ice cream version of everybody’s favourite sea character: Spongebob Squarepants.
  • Instead what they got was a horrifying corpse of a deranged zombie popsicle. It looks he has been impaled on that stick and his eyes look like they’ve exploded. I wonder if the factory made him this way or he melted into a corpse on the way to the store.
  • The worst bit is that haunting toothy smile, which says ‘hey kid I might just eat your soul while you sleep’.

9 –BioSlim


  • What’s worse than false advertising is when people are stupid enough to believe it in the first place.
  • In 2001, Nivea brought out a cosmetic cream called BioSlim that claimed it could literally make you lose weight by applying it to your skin regularly. I’m no scientist but rubbing cream into your ass to lose weight seems about as sensible as putting peanut butter in your coffee to cure baldness.
  • Nivea was forced to take the product off the shelf and pay over $900,000 to the gullible people who bought the product.

8 – Pepperoni Pizza


  • Imagine walking into your local supermarket with a hankering for some tasty meaty pizza only to come across this sorry excuse for a snack.
  • The label claims that it’s a pepperoni pizza – but inside the packaging is one single lonely slice of pepperoni on an 8 inch pizza base. I guess in all technicality they aren’t lying but it’s just not acceptable.
  • What were the chefs even thinking? Is there some sort of critical worldwide pepperoni shortage that I wasn’t aware of?

7 – Classmates Reunion


  • A website claiming to reunite old school friends was sued when it turned out that they were promising to reunite people who didn’t even exist.
  • com told their users that if they paid for a membership upgrade they would be reconnected with all their best buddies from their childhood. Turns out it was just a big lie, and the website was forced to refund their disappointed customers’ moneys.
  • It just goes to show that people are deceiving and the world is a terrible place.

6 – Rice Krispies


  • Parents love to give their kids healthy snacks, so why wouldn’t they believe that a bowl of cereal can drastically improve their immune systems.
  • In 2010, Kellogg’s started advertising that their Rice Krispies cereal had the ability to improve the immune systems of kids and give them 25% of their daily vitamin needs. The Federal Trade Commission said that this claim was pretty ‘dubious’ and told Kellogg’s to knock it off.
  • Next they’ll be telling us that the puffed rice does not in fact snap, crackle OR pop.


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