10 Horrifying Amusement Park Accidents


From being crushed to death at the happiest place on earth to getting your head cut off by a roller coaster, we look at 10 horrifying amusement park accidents.

10. Decapitation by Roller Coaster


In 2008, a South Carolina teenager was decapitated by one of the trains for Batman: The Ride, a roller coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta.


While on a church outing, a teenager and his friend decided to sneak back into the park by jumping two fences. Ignoring the warning signs, the boys found themselves in a restricted area. As the ride went by, the ski lift-style train decapitated the boy.


It is still not known what the boys were doing in the restricted area.


9. Tree on the Tracks


Five people riding the Loch Ness Monster roller coaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg were hurt when their train slammed into… a tree.


Visitors to the Virginia theme park were riding the roller coaster when a tree blew onto the tracks, thanks to heavy winds from an approaching storm. The most serious injury happened to a teenager sitting in the front seat, breaking a leg. While stranded 30 feet above the ground, the passengers waited almost two hours to be rescued while rain poured down on them.


Even worse, another train was heading straight for them! As they watched helplessly in their wrecked train, the other train came out of the tunnel but, luckily, stopped when it began to go up a steep incline.


8. Calico Train


In 1996, the operator for the Calico Railroad ride, at Knott’s Berry Farm amusement park in California, was crushed between two railroad cars while getting ready for the park to re-open that evening for their Halloween event.


Officials at the park don’t know the circumstances of the accident, whether it was the fault of the employee or the mechanics of the ride, but it was Knott’s Berry Farm’s first ever employee fatality.


7. Trapped in the Himalaya


Teenager Nadine Caban died when she rode the Super Himalaya ride at Coney Island, in New York City. While the ride spun, a hook that held two cars together snapped, causing her car to shake violently. Nadine was thrown from the car and became trapped between the cars and track.


When ride operators finally stopped the ride, Nadine was found hanging onto a rail, still trapped and covered in blood. She kept asking, “What happened to me?” Once firefighters and paramedics freed her, she was brought to the hospital where she died an hour later.


The Super Himalaya ride was discovered to have not been a perfectly safe ride. In the past, there was an incident where a rider was injured, and at a different time the ride was cited when inspectors found electrical problems.


6. Falling Apart


When a group of people went for a ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad one day at Disneyland Paris, something happened that added horror to the ride… a piece of “scenery”, made of fiberglass and wood, fell onto the track which was hit by one of the trains.


One rider had a serious head injury and four others had only minor injuries. The roller coaster was closed by Disneyland officials until they determined how the scenery came loose and fell.



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