10 Horrifying Wedding Disasters


From Ex’s who are out to hit a home run to straight up assaulting your priest, we look at 10 horrifying wedding disasters.

  1. Breast Dressed


  • At the reception, a bride and her bridesmaid-sister let loose on the booze.
  • The wedding is the first opportunity the bridesmaid has had to let her hair down since having a baby. But what starts out as some cringe-worthy loudness, takes a turn for the worse when the bride and her sister begin tabletop dancing.
  • Then the twisted duo make their way to the dance floor, grinding against one another and writhing in all their drunken unco-ordinated glory. As if this wasn’t awkward enough for the onlookers; in the middle of the dance floor the bridesmaid begins breastfeeding the bride, while their family looks on in horror. Yikes. Look, breastfeeding is awesome and all but a grown woman being breastfed should probably be reserved for kinky porn, not in front of your new in laws.
  1. Ex-cels at Crazy


  • At one wedding the groom’s baby mama showed up uninvited, brandishing a baseball bat.
  • She somehow found out the location of the ceremony and shows up screaming bloody murder. She goes on to claim that the groom had been in her bed the night before. And as she tries to rush at the bride. The heavily pregnant bride was obviously upset but luckily unharmed as a few guests managed to tackle the intruder in time.
  • So the ceremony was called off and the cops showed up to take the crazy ex to lock up. I wonder if she has the resources to pull an El Chapo and escape. Hopefully not though.
  1. Photo-shop Photographer


  • The day after a beautiful ceremony, the bride called her wedding photographer to ask for a favour.
  • She wanted to know if the photographer would be able to photo-shop one of the bridesmaids out of the photos. The photographer said she wasn’t sure how good the photos would look. But the bride told her, “I don’t care how it looks, that bitched fucked my husband last night.”
  • The photographer said she would try but thought the bride would do better by editing the groom out of her life rather than the bridesmaid. So it seems some “honeymoon periods” don’t even last the honeymoon. Or the wedding night.
  1. Maternal Instinct


  • After an intimate ceremony with family and close friends things got a little too intimate a little too soon.
  • Midway through the reception the bride couldn’t find her hunky hubby. She went for a wander and was shocked to find him in the arms of another woman. And not just any woman, it was the bride’s mother. The saucy pair were canoodling under a pile of coats; very naked and very drunk.
  • It turned out the husband and his mother in law had been having an affair for months. The groom tried to say he thought he was hooking up with his new wife but her mother was not having a bar of it. The newlyweds quickly annulled their unholy matrimony and I’m assuming the bride’s family dinners were pretty tense thereafter.
  1. Sinead O-Connonor-ing


  • The day before one wedding, the maid of honour decided to shave her head.
  • Which the bride was ok with but she found it odd that her bridesmaid randomly decided to go Britney Spears circa the meltdown. But it turns out, the act was the maid of honour’s attempt at a silent protest. She was in love with the groom so she chose to make a statement by going all Uncle Fester on her bestie’s big day.
  • The bride didn’t learn the true motive until two years later when the husband left her for her maid of dishonor. Her shaven compadre just couldn’t keep her hands or her clippers to herself.


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