10 Insane Crimes Inspired by Movies


From mass shootings to drinking a person’s blood, we count 10 insane crimes that were inspired by movies.

10. Halloween

Boy Kills Family

In 2007, Rob Zombie remade the John Carpenter-directed horror classic “Halloween”. Little did Zombie know that his film would inspire a double-murder.

Jake Evans, a 17-year-old, shot his sister and mother to death in their home after watching Zombie’s remake three times that week. When he watched the movie, Evans noticed how little remorse the young Michael Myers character felt after killing people with such ease. One night, he grabbed his grandfather’s stolen gun after deciding against using a knife, as he didn’t want them to feel anything. After shooting his sister, and then his mother, Evans was deeply disturbed at what he had done and called the police.

After the police arrested Evans, he wrote a disturbing four-page confession of his crimes.

9. Saw


Prank phone calls were never part of Jigsaw’s game in the “Saw” series, but two teenage girls in Tennessee didn’t seem to care when they called Beverly Dickson.

Dickson received a message on her cell phone that started out with the series trademark question, “I want to play a game”, then went on to say that one of her friends was trapped inside the house with a key and she had ten minutes to rescue her before a lethal gas would fill her home. The message went on to ask, “Do you want to live or die?” The prank call caused Dickson to suffer a stroke, but thankfully she recovered.

The girls were charged with phone harassment, and Dickson continues to have trouble sleeping because of the incident.

8. The Lost Boys


During the summer of 1987, “The Lost Boys” was released that starred Corey Haim and Corey Feldman who battle vicious, bloodsucking vampires. It turns out that one Minnesota teenager was inspired by the movie. No, it wasn’t slaying vampires… it was becoming one!

A year after its release, four boys went on a camping trip with 30-year-old Donald Gall. Once at the campsite, a fight broke out which had the four teenagers beat and stab Gall to death. Police believe that at least one of the boys constantly talked about vampirism after watching the movie, but decided to take it to another level by drinking some of Gall’s blood.

Police arrested the boys after a man told them that his friends had killed a man and dumped his body in the Mississippi River.

7. Fight Club


Instead of avid fans of the movie starting up fight clubs across the globe, this case deals with another part of the movie. It was the fact that Tyler Durden, played by Brad Pitt, wanted to attack corporate America with a series of bombs at the locations of various corporations.

Enter teenager Kyle Shaw, who chose a popular corporate entity – Starbucks. He set a powerful bomb – made from fireworks, a plastic bottle, and electrical tape – just outside a Starbucks in New York City. It exploded, causing the windows of the coffee shop to shatter and destroying a bench. Shaw had planned another bombing elsewhere, but police arrested and charged him with first-degree arson and first degree possession of a weapon.

Shaw’s Starbucks bomb wasn’t the only bombing in New York City. While police originally thought that it was related to three other “Fight Club”-inspired bombings, it appeared that Shaw’s bombing had no connection with the others.

6. Scream


The killers in the hit horror film “Scream” took their love of scary movies too far, to paraphrase the tagline. The case of Belgian Thierry Jaradin is an example of what can happen when art imitates life.

Alisson Cambier went to Jaradin’s house to talk, but the conversation soon went in another direction when Jaradin began to make sexual advances towards her. When Cambier told Jaradin to quit, he obeyed and excused himself. Cambier didn’t know that Jaradin had excused himself to change into the same costume the killers wore in the movie. After grabbing a couple large knives, Jaradin returned to Cambier and stabbed her a total of 30 times, ripping her open. Jaradin took Cambier’s corpse and put it on the bed, slipping a rose into her hand.

Jaradin confessed to the crime by calling his father and a colleague right after positioning the body. Unfortunately, there have been many other copycat murders inspired by the movie.


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