10 Least Convincing Fake IDs


From getting the race and gender wrong to using a picture of a cartoon character, we count ten of the least convincing fake IDs ever!

10 – Fire Penguin Disco Panda,


  • At Planet Dolan we don’t condone the use of fake IDs. But if you’re gonna do it anyway, try being subtle! Don’t monumentally fuck it up, like this guy, Mr Fire Penguin Disco Panda.
  • For some reason, this guy thought a stupid attention-grabbing name and shit-eater grin was the way to go for his fake driver’s licence. You know, the thing that’s supposed to help you get into places undetected?
  • Kids, this might get you into the circus, but it won’t get you into any bars.

9 – Fake Nicholson,


  • Oscar-winning movie star Jack Nicholson has a very recognisable face. Which really makes you wonder why Ricardo Barros thought it’d be smart to use a picture of it on his fake ID.
  • The forty-one-year-old Brazilian man tried using the counterfeit ID to open a bank account. The staff saw right through his scheme and he was swiftly shown the door – to the backseat of a cop car, that is!
  • The dumbest part is that he may have gotten away with it if he didn’t pick one of the most famous portraits of Nicholson. The image he chose was taken by a famous photographer named Martin Schoeller, and it’d been published in numerous magazines and shown in museums all around the globe. So, yeah, not much exposure there.

8 – David Scott Beerdrinker,


  • Virginian police want to shut down the fake ID website responsible for this underage force of nature.
  • David Scott Beerdrinker of 21 Bacardi Lane is wanted on twelve counts of immaturity.
  • His fake driver’s licence photo proudly advertises his hard-partying ways. It’s said that no woman can tame him – probably because they’re not interested.

7 – Batman, Son of Superman,


  • Hard to believe, but this unconvincing ID is actually one hundred percent real! This young Singaporean’s actual name is Batman Bin Suparman.
  • His name, which translates to ‘Batman son of Superman’, has made him a social media sensation. His Facebook page alone has over 15,000 likes. Not bad for an unemployed twenty-something.
  • Unfortunately, Batman’s story also has a dark side. He was arrested in 2013 for breaking into a store on two separate occasions and stealing thousands in cash. I blame his parents. Pretty much set him on the path to super villainy giving him that name.

6 – Wrong Gender,


  • This one seems pretty solid as far as fake IDs go – until you realise the idiots who made it put the wrong gender.
  • This poor woman. She may be allowed into bars, but every bouncer she meets will probably do a double-take.


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