10 Inventions That Will Change Your Life


From cooling you in the summer to a magical device that captures your shower thoughts, we count 8 inventions that will change your life at least a little.

10 – Book Thumb Holder,


  • If you’re the kind of person that still enjoys reading from dead trees and squid spunk, then you know the pain of trying to hold a book open with one hand.
  • Since we’re humans and we’re great, we’ve solved that problem in a simple way: ebook readers.
  • But there’s also this thing that goes on your thumb and makes it a hell of a lot easier to hold a book open.

9 – Swiss Army USB,


  • There’s not a lot of point to carrying around a Swiss Army knife these days, well at least not if you’re a nerd with a nerdy job, but this thingamabob is definitely useful for us computer-types.
  • It has every USB adapter in one small block and even has a phone stand if you wanna watch YouTube when you’re at a café.

8 – Illuminated Umbrella,


  • Walking in the rain isn’t a pleasant experience, well unless you’re one of those perverts that gets off on it, but either way, it’s even worse at night since your brolly blocks out street lights and if there are no street lights it’s really hard to use your phone-light at the same time.
  • But hey, there’s a few companies that solve this problem, no longer will you face the slight inconvenience of holding both your phone and an umbrella at the same time.
  • I mean at the end of the day, it doesn’t seem that great, but personally I’d rather not have to hold my phone in the rain, water damage and all, sure I could bring an actual torch, but who actually remembers to do this?

7 – Under Covers Fan,


  • If you’re anything like me then blasting your face with air from your fan is the closest your room’s going to get air-conditioned and in 40C or roughly 100F weather this is not nearly enough to keep you cool.
  • So there’s this company that made a fan that cools directly under your covers to keep your entire body blessed with the sweet breeze that it so clearly desires.
  • Since I’m not a sell out and am not getting paid any extra for this you’re going to have to find the specific company that makes this.
  • Just kidding, I didn’t sell out, but I’m not a dick, it’s made by Brookstone and you can find it on Amazon.

6 – Waterproof Notepad,


  • A lot of people do a lot of thinking in the shower and if the internet is anything to go by they’re mostly inane thoughts that are strangely similar to the ‘epiphanies’ of someone on weed.
  • Well if you do actually get good ideas in the shower it’s not exactly easy to jot them down, and even if your thoughts are ‘mind-blowing’ you probably want to keep them to make one fresh meme.
  • So there’s some waterproof notepads out there, Aqua Notes is the most prominent one, but the army actually makes these too for pretty obvious reasons, so you have some choices there.


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