10 Mind Blowing Game Theories

  • From failed genetic experiments in kids games to theorising that the game didn’t take place in reality, we count 10 game theories that may just blow your mind.

10 – Ditto the Failed Mew,


  • In Pokémon it’s explicitly stated that Mewtwo was created by splicing the DNA of the legendary Pokémon Mew, so it’s not a big stretch to assume they had multiple attempts that were flat out failures, after all that’s how a lot of science works, right?
  • Here’s some interesting evidence that points towards Ditto being a failed Mew.
  • Mew and ditto weigh the same, they have very similar colour palettes, both lack gender and most importantly Mew contains the DNA of every Pokémon around and Ditto can transform into any other Pokémon.

9 – Super Mario Bros. 3 Was All an Act,


  • Once you point it out it’s almost impossible to deny just how much of the aesthetic of Mario 3 is based around stage plays.
  • The first screen begins with a curtain opening, the blocks look bolted to the background, two of the power-ups in the game are flat-out costumes that wouldn’t look out of place in a school play.
  • This theory floated around the internet for a long, long time, but it was in fact confirmed by Miyamoto in 2015, but it’s still worth mentioning since a theory proven is still a theory.

8 – Mass Effect 3: A Tale of Mind Control,


  • This one was clearly born out of the frustration that many fans of the series had with the ending of the game, but that doesn’t make it any less valid.
  • Basically the idea is that Shepard was being slowly mind controlled throughout the entire series and that the end of series is all in Sheppard’s mind.
  • The game itself constantly talks about indoctrination as being an inevitable consequence of long-term exposure to reapers, with many life-forms including humans being shown in the game.
  • But this theory was constructed because the ending of the series just doesn’t quite add up, namely the choice where everyone basically gets turned into reapers being portrayed as the good option and the fact that the laws of physics seem to go out the window.

7 – Donkey Kong Country is Anti-American Propaganda,


  • I’ll be the first to admit that this one seems ridiculous to me, but it’s interesting nonetheless.
  • Rool and his crocs are the American army and they’re out for power, after all crocs are carnivores, they don’t eat bananas, so they stole the bananas for economic reasons.
  • Why use bananas? Well the US fought in the Caribbean in what some historians call the Banana Wars.
  • This is because the Americans gained power over tobacco, banana and sugar cane production which gave them great economic wealth.
  • So how is it anti-american? Well considering the rotund appearance and malicious nature of K.Rool and his oil ridden levels, if the connection is there it’s clearly not Uncle Sam approved.

6 – Birdo is Transgender,


  • There’s a lot of questioning over Birdo’s gender, I mean at first it seems to be a girl, since it shoots eggs and is pink, but some manuals say that he’s a boy that’s just sexually confused.
  • So that settles it right? Well no, since other manuals just say that he’s a girl, so there’s a lot of mixed messages going on.
  • Is this just a weird case where it was designed as a girl and was changed to be a guy in drag to make it more acceptable to beat up, like what happened with Poison from Final Fight?
  • We may never know.


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