10 Most Bizarre Things Ever Stolen


From a giant inflatable gorilla to ­­­­­­someone’s front lawn, we count ten of the most bizarre things thieves have stolen!

10 – Nuts,


  • You might think only squirrels would go to the trouble of stealing nuts, but according to Californian nut farmers there are a lot of dirtbag humans who do it too.
  • They have sophisticated operations that involve hacking into farm databases and creating fake pickup orders. Posing as truck drivers, they help themselves to truckloads of nuts right out in the open!
  • It’s gotten so bad that last year farmers reported losing 4.6 million dollars to nut heists. It’s difficult to catch the thieves because nuts can’t be tagged or traced to a specific owner. Some farmers have had to install security cameras and high-tech thumb scanners to protect their cargo.

9 – A Kit Kat,


  • You wouldn’t think anyone would stoop as low as to steal a chocolate bar, but, as one student from Kansas State University discovered, student life can be tough! The student left his car parked outside of his dorm for literally ten minutes. When he returned he discovered the KitKat bar he’d left in his car had been stolen.
  • After investigating the crime scene he found a paper napkin with a message on it which said: “Saw a KitKat in your cup holder. I love KitKats so I checked you door and it was unlocked. Did not take anything other than the KitKat. I am sorry and hungry.”
  • At first, the student was upset, but he soon realised how funny the situation was. He took a photo of the napkin and posted it online. The photo went viral and even caught the attention of the KitKat company. They offered to replace his stolen bar.

8 – Laundry Detergent,


  • To most people doing laundry is a necessary chore, but to some it’s a serious business! In fact, in the world of organised retail crime, the Tide brand of laundry detergent is one of the most shoplifted items in America!
  • Because it’s a good brand and something everyone needs, Tide has become very valuable on the black market. Police refer to it as ‘liquid gold’ and criminals use it to barter with drug dealers for illicit narcotics.
  • This ‘tidal wave’ of Tide thefts has become so widespread that some retailers have been forced to attach expensive security devices to their stock.

7 – Maple Syrup,


  • In 2012, the city of Quebec was home to the world’s largest maple syrup heist. Thieves made off with fifteen thousand barrels of syrup from a warehouse in St.-Louis-de-Blandford. Seriously, who the hell needs that much syrup?
  • To put this theft into perspective, Canada is known as the world’s largest producer of maple syrup and this one heist was roughly a quarter of their national reserve!
  • The stolen syrup was worth over thirty million dollars and authorities feared most of it ended up on the black market. Was a sad day for pancakes…

6 – Birth Control,


  • According to Walmart’s loss-prevention specialists pregnancy tests are one of the most commonly shoplifted items. Usually thieves resell them online, but sometimes the stolen pregnancy tests turn up used in store restrooms.
  • I guess younger people might be embarrassed about buying them, but, hey, it’ll be a whole lot more embarrassing if the police tell your parents you’ve been shoplifting and having unprotected sex.
  • Then there’s a man named Keith Bradford, who took an even more proactive approach to birth control. Keith literally tore a big condom machine from a pub bathroom wall and carried it home. Police quickly caught up with him and he was made him give back the machine and the forty-eight condoms and 127 stolen quarters inside.


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