10 Most Embarrassing Selfie Fails Ever


From photos with your dead grandmother to butt-naked men in bathrooms, we count 10 embarrassing selfie fails


10 – Funeral


  • For most of us, it’s a devastating experience when a loved one dies, but for some people it’s a perfect photo opportunity.
  • This woman wanted to commemorate her Grandmother with one final photo together, and pretty much decided to take a new profile photo while she was there. Great idea, lady. I’m sure your dead grandma will make a great addition to your next tinder picture.
  • It’s photos like this that remind us that life is entirely meaningless and everyone is the worst.

9 – Fish Kiss


  • A timeless tradition is the act of kissing a fish once it has been caught and then capturing the photo to show off your fishing skills.
  • However, this fish wanted no part of these human traditions and made an epic break for its life. The perfectly timed photo captures the exact moment the young lady is slapped in her fish-murdering face by a small defenceless fish. Apparently revenge tastes like freshwater flounder.

8 – Window Intruder


  • It’s 3am and you hear creaking downstairs, you wander through the dark house expecting to find an intruder but instead find a guy taking a photo of himself in your bathroom.
  • I have so many questions for this photo: Does this guy not have mirrors in his own house? Was it some sort of life or death situation where he absolutely HAD TO get a photo of himself grimacing in a mirror?
  • Whatever reason for the photo, I feel like it would still make a great album cover.

7 – Beach Body Fail


  • Some people are born to be in front of the camera, with their beautiful physiques and award-winning smiles. Annnd some people are just not.
  • What should’ve been a flattering photo of two friends at the beach turned into a total photographic disaster.
  • It’s always a nightmare when your ta-tas fall out of your bikini top, and unluckily for this young woman, the unfortunate moment was immortalised for all of the internet to enjoy.

6 – Knee Tits


  • Ever wanted bigger, fuller, bony looking boobies? Well look no further, because this girl has the solution we’ve all been waiting for.
  • In order to momentarily increase the size of your boobs, simply slip your knees up into your shirt and sneakily cover the gap until it looks as though you are a naturally big-busted babe.
  • No one will ever know that you’re actually flatter than a surfboard in real life. Oh, until they actually meet you. Then it’d be a bit hard to keep the charade going.


  • Lewd (45%)
  • Wat (25%)
  • Epic (18%)
  • No (8%)
  • Creepy (5%)