10 Most Expensive Virginities Ever Sold


From paying Mum’s medical bills to offering your innocence as a reality show prize, we count ten women who made incredible money selling their virginity!

10 – Alina Percea,


  • Alina Percea was an eighteen-year-old Romanian teen who successfully sold her virginity for $14,900 to pay for a computing degree. She completed the sale via a web auction that ran for two weeks in 2009.
  • The successful bidder was a forty-five-year-old Italian businessman who flew Alina to Venice to wine, dine and show her the sights before sealing taking her v card from her at a nearby five-star hotel. Alina was also required to undergo two separate medical examinations to prove she was a virgin. Romantic!
  • Still, Alina suffered no buyer’s remorse, and told an interviewer that she enjoyed the experience so much she’d be willing to do it again for free. She didn’t ask if he was married or had a family because that kind of information totally spoils the mood when you’re giving it up to a paying stranger who’s twenty-seven years your senior.

9 – Shatuniha,


  • In 2013, an eighteen-year-old Siberian teenager used Russian auction site 24.au to auction off her, um, innocence to the highest bidder.
  • Posting under the nickname Shatuniha, she wrote “I have no bad habits and I am nice looking” and described herself as “new, not used”. She also described her virginity as “the most precious thing I own”, but, hey, guess nothing’s as precious as money.
  • Her efforts attracted the attention of a high-rolling mystery bidder, who parted with 900,000 roubles – roughly $28,000 – to consummate the deal in a mystery hotel room. Local police were notified of the arrangement, but did not intervene because she wasn’t breaking any laws.

8 – Elizabeth Raine,


  • Elizabeth Raine is a medical student who attracted plenty of attention with her 2014 website, which she built to facilitate the sale of her virginity.
  • The remarkably professional auction website featured links to the PR company managing the bids and contained an entire page devoted to Terms and Conditions, with legal clauses like “Sexual Intercourse means insertion of a penis into a vagina”. She also promised to donate thirty-five percent of the sale to a charity providing education to women in developing countries.
  • The website’s gallery of polished photographs attracted an absurd winning bid of $801,000 from an anonymous bidder. Raine claimed to be motivated by financial gain, but admitted she was also drawn to the scandal, adventure and eroticism, and hoped to challenge preconceptions about virginity.
  • She later backed out of the arrangement to instead focus on her medical training, prompting some critics to claim she never intended to follow through with the transaction in the first place.

7 – Raffaella Fico,


  • Italian Big Brother star Raffaella Fico is no stranger to controversy. She’s been linked to the former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s “bunga bunga” sex parties, and has recently made headlines for having an extra-marital baby with soccer superstar Mario Balotelli.
  • More interesting, though, is that when she was twenty she reportedly put her virginity up for sale, telling an Italian magazine that she’d gladly part with it for a million euros so that she could fund acting classes and buy a house.
  • She swore she’d never had a boyfriend – I almost believe her – and said she’d go through with the transaction even if the winning bid came from some gross fat hairy guy. “If I don’t like him, I’ll just have a glass of wine and forget about it.” Words to live by.

6 – Rebecca Bernardo,


  • In 2013, Brazilian teen Rebecca Bernardo took to YouTube to announce she was auctioning her virginity to pay for her bedridden mother’s medical bills. Her mother had suffered a stroke and Rebecca, who has no other family, allegedly needed more money than she could get working normal eighteen-year-old gigs like flipping burgers.
  • “There comes a time when you have to make decisions to get what you want. You have to be strong,” she said in the video, like she was going to war. Her campaign caused a media storm and Rebecca bizarrely turned down one Brazilian TV network’s condition-free offer to pay for the medical bills.
  • Reports vary, but some suggest Rebecca eventually sold her virginity for $35,000 in a private sale.
  • In case any of you are getting any wild ideas, let me remind you that YouTube’s for Let’s Plays, cat videos and Danger Dolan countdowns; not for selling your virginity!


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