10 Most Influential Things that Happened in a Bathroom


From the mysterious deaths of Japanese warlords to finding creative inspiration in the bathtub we look at 10 most influential things that have happened in a bathroom.

10 – Beethoven’s Baths,


  • Ever had your best ideas come you on the toilet or in the shower? Well then you’re in the same group as Beethoven.
  • The legendary composer was obsessive over his creative washing that consisted of him pouring pitchers of water over his hands and humming. Water would often spill through the floorboards leading to fights with other tenants. The process would also put Beethoven into a kind of trance that the servants would find hilarious.
  • But the jokes on them, the bathroom inspirations would lead to Beethoven becoming one of the most influential and well known composers in history. This is why you should always keep a notepad in the shower.

9 – Napoleon’s other Water Loo,


  • If you ever wondered where imperialistic French empire builders like to have their arguments then wonder no more.
  • This particular confrontation would determine the future of the United States. Napoleon was faced with a tough choice, sell off the land they occupied in North America to fund war in Europe or hold on to the colonies. Preferring to conquer Europe the Louisiana Purchase went through however Napoleon’s brothers were not too happy about it.
  • Confronting Napoleon in his bath, the fight went down the way it would between you’d expect between brothers. Napoleon splashed one with water, soaking him and broke the other’s snuff box. Seemingly this silenced them and the purchase went through, changing the course of history.

8 – George II’s death,


  • One man’s death on the toilet would lead to us being able to treat one of the most common heart disorders.
  • George II died straining himself on the toilet, as witnessed by his personal valet. The doctor in charge of George’s embalming pinned the cause of death on Aortic Dissection essentially meaning his aorta burst open.
  • Taking extensive notes on George II’s condition leading up to his death meant that doctors now had a check list of symptoms to look out for. It may have been humiliating to die mid poop strain but his death ended up saving many lives from a similar fate.

7 – Uesugi Kenshin’s Odd Death,


  • A brutal Japanese lord and the most feared fighter in the country, met his end not on a battlefield but on the crapper.
  • Kenshin was about to launch an attack on his only rival for control or the country, Oda Nobunaga. Oda wanted to unite the country and introduce more foreign ideas from Europe where as Kenshin wanted to rule with an iron fist.
  • Kenshin was almost guaranteed to win the battle that would have changed the history of Japan forever but the warrior died mysteriously to unknown causes while enjoying a nice poop. Oda took control of Japan and set it on the course that eventually gave us hentai.

6 – The Destruction of the Library of Alexandria,


  • Well this is one that will make book lovers and historians sob.
  • The library had been the first open to the public and was slowly destroyed piece by piece with multiple attacks on the city by people like Julius Ceasar. But the final destruction came in the Dark Ages, when Arab armies invaded Alexandria and thought “damn these Christian texts will burn great”
  • The invaders used the books and scrolls as kindling to heat the city’s many public baths. It took a total of 6 months for the whole contents of the library to be used up with many historically important texts lost to time.


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