10 Natural Phenomena That Science Can’t Explain

  • From cloud formations to one of the biggest mysteries of all time, we count 10 natural phenomena that science can’t explain.

10 – Naga Fireballs,


  • These are red glowing balls of energy that apparently naturally rise up to two-hundred metres above the Mekong river before disappearing.
  • Locals in Thailand have reported up to thousands per night, but it has yet to be explained by any scientist with any sort of convincing reasoning.
  • Some say it might be soldiers shooting flares, but the locals have never heard any gunshots that would have to go with this reason.
  • A more convincing, yet still not quite right explanation is that it’s phosphine gas created by the marshy environment, but these fireballs wouldn’t last nearly as long as even one-hundred metres.

9 – Taos Hum,                 


  • The Taos hum is a low-frequency noise that sounds like a distant diesel engine idling and is heard by 2% of Taos residents in a radius up to 48km and it causes serious frustration to most that can hear it.
  • A similar effect was heard in a Canadian town and was proven to be mechanical in nature, but no one has managed to locate the source of the hum in the town of Taos and it seems to be at a different frequency.
  • Some people suggest it’s a mental disorder, since behavioural therapy can lead to people no longer hearing the sound at all, however such a mass hysteria is very unlikely.

8 – Star Jelly,


  • Star Jelly is a gooey substance found in grass and trees and it has been around for centuries; folklore explains it as a residue caused by meteor showers, but no science supports this theory in any way.
  • Most, if not all scientific theories on the subject suggest it to be biological in source, it has been proven to be non-toxic, but other than that the theories vary from bird vomit to blue-green algae.

7 – Earthquake Lights,


  • These colourful lights have been sporadically seen in the sky during earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions since 1888 and possibly much earlier.
  • Scientists are looking into this phenomena to this very day, some suggest it’s an electric field caused by quartz being located at the source of the tectonic agitations.
  • The most resent explanation suggests that it’s the release of charged oxygen caused by the tectonic activity breaking molecular bonds and this is the most well-regarded, albeit yet unproven, theory.

6 – Mammatus Clouds,


  • Literally meaning mammary clouds, these are bulbous cells of cloud that hang from the base of a cloud and they appear during severe thunderstorms or volcanic activity.
  • Most theories are related to differences in wetness, pressure and heat, but some include something as cosmic as gravitational waves.
  • There are so many different theories that it’s pretty clear that no-one really understands how, or why they happen.



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