10 Olympic Games Fails


From really awkward language translations to horrifying snapped legs, we count 10 epic Olympic games failures.


10 – Glory Hole


  • What should have been the greatest moment of Olympic Golfing history turned into a really awkward moment on Spanish TV.
  • Golfer Justin Rose from the UK achieved the unthinkable – he hit a hole in one during the 2016 Olympic Games, the first time anyone has done that in 112 years. Unfortunately, a Spanish television network reported that Rose had achieved a ‘glory hole’.
  • I guess it was pretty glorious, but I don’t think the phrase means the same thing in Spain as it does in sleazy bathrooms elsewhere the world.

9 – North Korea


  • For some reason a lot of countries just doesn’t seem to treat North Korea with any respect.
  • At the London 2012 Olympic Games, North Korea was due to play Colombia in a football match when the big screen introducing the teams showed the wrong country’s flag. For whatever reason, they showed the South Korean flag by mistake – sworn enemies of The People’s Democratic Republic of Kim Jong Un, I mean Korea.
  • The North Koreans took it pretty personally, but luckily they did not fire nuclear weapons in response.

8 – Bell End

Jeremy Hunt hits a woman with a bell (1)

  • To ring in the opening of the games in 2012, British organisers decided to try a bell-ringing ceremony – which ended in complete failure.
  • The idea was to get every person in London to ring a bell for three minutes to get into the Olympic spirit. However, Jeremy Hunt, the culture secretary got too enthusiastic and nearly injured a woman on live TV. He shook his bell so hard that it flew off the stick he was holding.
  • The enormous bell they had made to commemorate the games was also cancelled, as it was too loud to ring.

7 – Green Pool


  • The problem with Olympians these days is that they make all these crazy demands, like having clean water to swim in.
  • The colour of the diving pool at the Rio 2016 Olympics was a suspiciously algae-looking green. Organisers said some of the chemicals were causing the alkaline levels to change in the pool, but divers were describing how the pool ‘stank like farts’ and stung their eyes.
  • I can imagine diving into a pool of farts would be slightly off-putting to even the most disciplined fart-diver.

6 – Swimeme


  • One of the greatest parts of modern Olympics is the majestic imagery that captures athletes mid-sportsing.
  • This incredible photo shows the exact moment a synchronised swimmer raised her foot, or maybe somebody else’s foot above the water during a routine. The insanity in her eyes made her an instant meme on the Internet and immortalised her forever in a split second of Olympic fury.
  • At least I can rest easier at night, knowing what it would look like if Voldemort ever competed in synchronised swimming.


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