10 Oral Sex Horror Stories to Make You Gag


From falling asleep while you’re eating to lots and lots of blood, we look at 10 Oral Sex Horror Stories to Make you Gag

10 – Gag Reflex,


  • Sometimes you just have to accept your limitations or you’ll end up re-enacting a scene from 2 girls 1 cup by accident.
  • This keen lass thought she could overcome her throat’s natural reflex to having something rammed down it. Thinking that willpower would be enough, she didn’t count on her partner pushing her head down on his member.
  • The forced deep throating immediately caused the girl to vomit all over the guy’s crotch….And then he vomited….probably also on his crotch. With both parties grossed out and the stench of spew in the air, the night came to an abrupt and disgusting end.

9 – Eating in your sleep,


  • A lot of ladies complain that their man doesn’t pay enough attention to them, but they’ve got nothing on this guy.
  • After a hard, long day at work, this lover was determined to give his girlfriend some oral pleasure. Even after she had told him it was okay to skip the downstairs meal, he persisted on….Right until he fell asleep.
  • Now the story cuts off there but considering the woman telling it called him her Ex…you can piece together what probably happened next. The best part is that she claims his technique improved drastically while he was sleeping.

8 – Wash it Down,


  • There’s normally two things that come from a penis and one of them you definitely don’t want in a blow job.
  • After having one successful ejaculatory experience, this guy thought he’d be good to go for one more. But oh no….no he wasn’t good to go again at all. Thinking that he was about to let loose his man jam, he instead urinated in his partners mouth.
  • Turns out the whole thing of peeing on someone’s mouth is a bonding experience and the couple have now been happily married for four years. Nothing like piss to really bring people together.

7 – There Will Be Blood,


  • There’s earning your red wings but it’s not normally done the way this fella did.
  • This dude is doing the business on his virgin girlfriend when she suddenly start freaking out a little. After she pulls away he finally realises his mouth is covered in blood. Confused, the couple check to make sure everything is ok. Turns out the guy had accidentally broken the girl’s hymen.
  • Still the guy didn’t notice the fair amount of blood on his face and says he couldn’t taste it either. But maybe’s lying because he’s not the type of guy quits because of a little blood.

6 – Piece of Cake,


  • Sometimes egos can be very vulnerable during sex, so whatever you do don’t mention the size of your Ex’s dick.
  • That’s the mistake one woman made just as she was about to gown down on her man. Overjoyed he tells her he “wasn’t expecting that”. And that’s when she ruins everything by saying “My last boyfriend was huge, so this will be a piece of cake”.
  • Nothing to kill your boner faster than hearing that you’ve got an average sized penis. Still if you’re going to let something like that stop you from getting a blow job than you probably don’t deserve one.


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  • Lewd (27%)
  • Creepy (14%)
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