10 Outrageous Reasons People Have Filed for Divorce


From hating your favourite movie to not being able to shut your goddamn mouth we look at 10 Outrageous Reasons People Have Filed for Divorce

10 – Not Liking Frozen,


  • It’s not fun to disagree with your partner on a movie, but it normally doesn’t end in divorce.
  • For this Japanese couple though it did. The disagreement came about when the wife became obsessed with Disney’s Frozen. After seeing the film alone, she decided to share her addiction with her husband who’s review was….”Meh
  • And that was all it took for her to file for a divorce, even going as far to say “If you don’t understand why this movie is great there is something wrong with you as a human being”. And no I’m not going to make a “Let it go” joke here. I have standards.

9 – Size Matters,


  • Let’s just say there are some downsides to waiting until your wedding night.
  • A 52-yr old Taiwanese woman filed for divorce because her husband’s penis was shockingly only 5 inches long. This size queen only discovered the *cough* undersized member on their wedding night. Surprisingly the court saw this as reasonable and granted the divorce.
  • Still she endured for 4 years before asking finally cracking. You gotta feel for this guy considering studies say the average penis size in Taiwan is 4.2 inches, he’s not doing too bad for himself.

8 – Cleaning Too Much,


  • Most of the time couples argue about whose doing the most housework, but in this doomed relationship it was intolerably clear.
  • This story comes from Germany where a woman filed for divorce simply because her husband cleaned the house obsessively. The breaking point though was when he knocked down and rebuilt a wall just because it was too dirty.
  • The judge in the divorce proceedings admitted that he’d never had a case like this before. I still don’t get why he knocked the wall down, surely a can of paint would have done the trick.

7 – He Talked Too Much,


  • They say loose lips sink ships but they didn’t tell you they will sink your marriage as well.
  • This divorce story comes from Nigeria where it’s now acceptable to leave your husband because he won’t shut the fuck up. Mariam Adunni claimed her husband was talking about secret family matters with his friends.
  • Yeah I’m guessing that translate to “he was talking about me behind my back and I didn’t like it”. Unless…maybe there’s something actually secret that Mariam is trying to hide…ah nah then she probably just would have killed him. That would have been much easier than a divorce.

6 – She wanted too much sex,


  • Sometimes too much of a good thing can be very, very bad for your health…even if that thing is sex.
  • A Mumbai man requested a divorce on the grounds that his wife’s sex drive was insatiable. Which sounds like BS but the man was constantly hassled, even twice when he was recovering in hospital. And by hassled I mean threatened that if he didn’t get it up she’d go elsewhere.
  • Eventually after the hospital stuff and finding out she was slipping him libido enhancers, he decided enough was enough….I’m sure there’s plenty of guys out there who will be a better match for her.


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