10 People That Survived Their Own Burials

  • From new born babies to people just trying to perform a dangerous stunt, we count 10 people who survived being buried alive.

10 – Philomere Jonetre,


  • Back in 1867 a 24 year old women caught cholera, not long after that she was pronounced dead, of course since this is back before medicine was really any good judging if someone is dead or not is actually pretty difficult.
  • In this particular case they got it wrong, but they didn’t know that and buried her in the cemetery.
  • Sixteen hours later they opened the coffin to see if she was still dead and there were signs of life, however, she died for real the next day and was buried once more.

9 – Angelo Hays,


  • Back to more modern times, Angelo crashed his motorcycle on the way home, he was thrown head first into a brick wall and was then rushed to the hospital.
  • The doctors couldn’t find his pulse and declared him dead, which was a pretty reasonable assessment since his face was so disfigured that his parents weren’t allowed to see the body.
  • He was buried three days later and was exhumed two days after that for insurance investigation purposes, the examiners found that he was still warm and that he was actually in a coma, which allowed him to survive the limited oxygen underground.

8 – Harry Houdini,


  • Easily the most famous stunt magician of all time, but he wasn’t always so successful in his endeavours.
  • Houdini was buried under six feet of dirt with no protective casket, he managed to push one hand above the surface before passing out, his assistants quickly pulled him out and he was lucky to get out of the situation alive.
  • Later on he did two other stunts, but they weren’t of the same calibre as the first, one involved surviving for an hour and a half in a coffin underwater, the other involved him being restrained in a straitjacket and being locked in a coffin on stage.

7 – Tom Guerin,


  • Back during the potato famine in Ireland there were a lot of mass burials and similarly many people were buried alive, however, there were none more notable than Tom Guerin who was buried at age three.
  • Since it was so long ago there’s no reliable source on what exactly happened, some say that he was buried for two days before being discovered, others say it was discovered in the process of the burial.
  • Either way he was crippled for the rest of his life since his legs were broken during the process, but he managed to build up fame as a beggar and a poet after the fact.

6 – Californian Baby,


  • In November 2015, two women heard a muffled baby cry while on a walk on a bike trail in Compton, California.
  • They called the police, who arrived not long after, the police could hear the cries as well and they found that an infant had been wrapped in a hospital blanket and buried under the asphalt.
  • The police managed to find the mother and posted a half a million dollar reward for her arrest, not too long after she was found and is now facing charges for attempted murder and child endangerment.


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