10 People Trapped in Their Own Bodies

  • From Stephen Hawking to someone forced to watch Barney for hours on end, we count 10 people trapped in their own bodies.

10 – Kate Allat,


  • When Kate was 39 she had a stroke in her brainstem, this shutdown almost all control of her own body, leaving her with just her eyelids to prove she was still there.
  • But she never gave up hope and bit by bit her motor functions returned until today when she has almost completely recovered and went through the touching process of renewing her vows.
  • Now she spends her time helping others recover from strokes as well as writing books, of which she has published three.

9 – Nick Chisholm,


  • When Nick was 23 he was out playing rugby when one collision injured him to the point where he was completely locked inside his own body, he couldn’t even move his eyes.
  • Three months went by and he had to listen to his doctor and mother debating whether or not they should take him off life support.
  • Eventually he recovered enough to control his eyes and could communicate that he was in fact still alive.

8 – Catherine O’leary,


  • Catherine wasn’t the slight bit worried when she went to have brain surgery to remove a tumour in order to fix her permanent hiccups; she just wanted to be able to eat again.
  • But during the 15 hour procedure she suffered multiple strokes and was paralysed in all areas apart from her eyes and a couple of facial muscles.
  • However she can’t communicate in any way other than one blink for yes and two blinks for no, so her family are trying to save money to take her to America for medical treatment.

7 – Tony Quan,


  • Also known as Tempt One in his very distinguished street art career, he was well known for being a pioneer of street art in that he developed the distinct Los Angeles style.
  • But when he suffered from ALS, you know the one that the ice bucket challenge was about, he, like many others, could only move his eyes.
  • However, with a special tool he still does his art by moving his eyes in front of the contraption and can make artworks with an impressive degree of detail.

6 – Christine Waddell,


  • As of her stroke in 1997, she is known as the longest survivor of locked-in syndrome from the UK and also communicates using an alphabet board and blinking her eyes.
  • She enjoys her life, she can laugh, has fun talking to people via email and Facebook and drinks two vodkas a week.
  • She gained enough attention to be interviewed on the BBC, in which she told everyone about how well she makes the best of a bad situation.


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