10 People Who Claim They Had Sex With Aliens


From sexy cat aliens to various head injuries we count 10 people who genuinely believe they had sex with one or more aliens.

10 – Simon Parkes,


  • If this man isn’t proof that democracy doesn’t work then I don’t know what is, Simon sits on the town council in North Yorkshire and he claims to have cheated on his wife with a cat alien.
  • Apparently his wife was unhappy about his ‘affair’ but doesn’t see anything wrong since it’s not on a human level.
  • Not only that, apparently they had a hybrid baby together and he may or may not have just been tricked by a furry who happens to own a large supply of psychedelic drugs.

9 – Stephany Fay Cohen,


  • This psychic medium says that aliens sneak into her room while she sleeps and has sex with her in spirit form.
  • When she was asked whether or not this might simply be a dream she replied ‘A dream is a friendly way of letting you know what you’ve been doing without scaring you.’
  • Which is depressing because apparently I spend a lot of my time in the spirit world talking to goats: they don’t talk back or anything, they just sit there and listen to my tales of sitting in front of a computer playing video games.

8 – Peter Khoury,


  • Peter has been visited by aliens various times, the first time he said he was lying in bed completely paralysed and some golden beings with large black eyes injected him with needles.
  • He then rushed out to tell his family what happened, so they took him to the hospital and found out he had a head injury.
  • Not able to put two and two together, he still believes that later on an attractive pair of aliens had sex with him and during that process he bit off one of their nipples and later found a blonde hair wrapped under his foreskin.

7 – Antônio Vilas Boas,


  • Antonio was ploughing the fields when he saw a red star in the sky that encroached on his position, as it got closer he realised it was actually an egg shaped space ship, when he tried to run away he was grabbed by a man in a suit and dragged him into the ship.
  • Then he was taken into a circular room with a luckily attractive alien who then proceeded to have sex with him.
  • But after the deed was done he was left on Earth and felt miffed that he was just used like a breeding ‘stallion’.

6 – Meng Zhaoguo,


  • Meng saw a glimmer of light off in the mountains and thought it was a crashed helicopter so he went to scavenge for some scrap or something and then something hit him on the head and he woke up in his home.
  • A few nights later he woke up 6 feet above his bed and then a 10-foot-tall alien had sex with him for 40 minutes and in the process left him with a scar that looked like it was cut with a saw.
  • A journalist later asked him to draw the alien only to realise that it looked exactly like the Michelin man with blonde hair.


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