10 People Who Clearly Don’t Understand Danger


From insanely dangerous face shaving to bathing butt-naked with snakes, we count 10 People Who Clearly Don’t Understand Danger.

10 – Rollercoaster Dude


  • Do you ever find yourself bored on everyday adrenaline pumping roller coasters?
  • The rush of ordinary exhilaration wasn’t enough for this one guy, so he decided to shave his face midway through an insane roller coaster ride. Dragging a razor blade up and down your jugular while being thrown back and forth and upside down. What could possibly go wrong?
  • By the way, don’t try this. And if you’re even thinking about taking a razor to a theme park – don’t. Go see a therapist instead.

9 – DIY Guy


  • A lot of the people in this list are so poor, they don’t even have one single fuck to give.
  • Okay so they might not be literally poor but they definitely lack any common sense. These guys have found ways to virtually defy physics in order to get the job done.
  • One wrong move and these ballsy DIY experts are heading to the nearest hospital bed with a ladder fully inserted into their anuses.

8 – Family Ride


  • Yes, this is what it looks like: two parents, four kids and a family dog riding a single motorcycle.
  • Because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with unnecessarily risking the lives of your dearest friends and family. Oh wait, yeah there definitely is. And with that many people, who needs helmets? The children will act as unwilling meaty airbags.
  • I feel sorry for the dog though; you can see in his poor terror-filled eyes that he regrets the day he ever climbed into that strange orange sack.

7 – Gym Fail


  • I would give anything to hear the thoughts of these men when they decided that these activities were completely fine and not at all dangerous.
  • Weightlifting is hard work enough, so why bring in the extra risk of a horrifying death? I’m no Olympic athlete or anything, but I reeeeally don’t think that’s how you’re supposed to use an exercise ball. Surely they understand that gravity wants those weights to crush your skull into the ground.
  • If you’re really that bored of your gym routine, do yoga or a karate class. Don’t injure yourself acting like a complete bozo.

6 – Pilot Selfie


  • When you’re 30,000 feet in the sky on an airplane, you generally tend to trust that your pilot is not up the front taking extreme selfies.
  • These pilots are leaning out of their aircraft windows in mid-air, photographing themselves instead of you know, flying the damned planes. Hopefully the co-pilot is controlling the plane, or who knows, maybe the co-pilot is sitting on the wing, sending snapchats to their friends.
  • Some people say the picture is fake, I say GET THE HELL BACK IN THAT COCKPIT AND DO YOUR JOB.


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