10 People Who Married Inanimate Objects

  • From marrying the trapped spirit of your dead wife to tying the knot with a photo of yourself we look at 10 people who married inanimate objects.

10 – A Barbie Doll,


  • Well guys this is what happens when you end up playing with your toys just a little bit too much.
  • 46 year old Taiwanese man, Chang Hsi-hsum married the 11 inch piece of fantastic plastic after his first flesh and blood wife committed suicide. But Chang has a very good reason for playing Ken, he believes that his wife’s spirit is trapped inside the doll.
  • And it gets even weirder, Chang is already remarried after his first wife died. The marriage to Barbie was done with his current wife’s blessing. Talk about a bizarre love triangle. At least his human wife doesn’t have to worry about him cheating considering what’s under Barbie’s dress.

9 – A Clay Pot,


  • When you’ve been stood up at the altar, you sometimes just have to make the best of a bad situation.
  • Indian woman Salvita was left hanging at the altar when her husband who worked with the Tibetan border police ended up stranded at work. Not wanting a ceremony to go to waste the Bride’s family came up with a great idea, slap a photo of the groom onto a clay pot. Problem Solved.
  • Sativa married the pot proxy in what must have been an awkward ceremony. Ah well at least they didn’t let all that food go to waste. Sometimes it’s just worth ruining your daughter’s special day.

8 – The Eiffel Tower,


  • Well if you are going to fall in love with a structure, best to be one in the universal city of love.
  • Erika Eiffel held a commitment ceremony with the iconic tower after falling in love with its subtle curves. Erika had a long history of falling in love with objects including dating a bridge in her teen years and then joining the air force to get to know a gorgeous F-15 fighter jet.
  • Interestingly enough Erika believes that her wife (the tower is err female) is reciprocating the love she is giving it. How? No clue but I’m hoping it doesn’t involve any monumental humping.

7 – A Steam Engine,


  • Here’s a relationship that seems to be on the right track, let’s just hope it doesn’t run out of steam.
  • Now that we have the train puns out of the way, Joachim A of Hammond, Oregon fell in love inanimate objects from a very young age. Being attracted to the inner workings of machines it’s no surprise his heart would be stolen by a steam locomotive.
  • Joachim has unfortunately had several affairs with other objects in the past though, his repairman job has occasionally caused him to fall for broken radiators. Let’s hope Joachim doesn’t do anything to derail their love, amirite?

6 – A Stereo System,


  • Who doesn’t love a sleek and sexy HiFi system with a killer bass setup?
  • Still probably shouldn’t start trying to get busy with it, probably voids the warrantee. But that’s of no concern to British woman Emma who makes love to her system at least twice a day. The stereo whose name is “Jake”, gets regular services from Emma of both the mechanical and sexual kind.
  • Emma says that the relationship has made her a bit of a loner, fearing that people will reject her strange love. Which is a shame because I’m sure Jake could lay down some sick beats at a party.


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