10 People With Bizarre Sexual Organs


From perpetual erections to testicular trios, we look at 10 people with bizarre sexual organs.

  1. Womb to move


  • A 37 year old British man was shocked when doctors discovered he was sporting some pretty impressive female reproductive organs.
  • The discovery was made when the man was undergoing scans after complaining of blood in his urine. It turns out, the blood was his period. An MRI revealed he has a womb, ovaries as well as fully functioning testicles. In spite of the condition occurring roughly 100 times a year, it’s incredibly uncommon for it to be undiscovered for so many years.
  • The man known only as Rob successfully underwent a hysterectomy, removing his female organs. The procedure may trigger menopause but at least then he won’t get pregnant. So explaining to the kids why Daddy’s a bit cranky lately, will be a hell of a lot more complicated.
  1. Duo Dickola


  • One man recently took to Reddit to detail his experiences having fully functioning penises. He even wrote a memoir called “Double Header”.
  • His penises sit side-by-side, are fully functioning and capable of releasing urine and semen. The condition occurs in about 1 in 5.5 million males but ordinarily one penis is stunted or isn’t fully functional.
  • His parents actually knew from early ultrasounds that their son had two penises but didn’t think that was reason enough to terminate the fetus. When he was a little boy his parents told him not to tell anybody about his duo dingus and he assumed it was because the other kids would be jealous.
  1. The Hard Truth


  • In 1996, Charles Lennon received a penile implant to help his impotence.
  • Unfortunately the implant malfunctioned and he now has a constant, never ending erection. Charles can’t have the implant removed because they removed tissue to from his penis to put in the implant and he has health conditions which mean he can’t go under anesthetic again.
  • In 2006 Charles was awarded a substantial settlement but I doubt it was enough to compensate. His lawyer said that Charles has become a recluse and has cut himself off from seeing most people. Poor Charles. I mean, imagine having to have an erection at your mother’s funeral. Talk about hardship.
  1. Giant Scrotum


  • Wesley Warren Jr was seeking a million dollars to pay for surgery to reduce the size of his giant scrotum.
  • He suffered from a condition called scrotal elephantiasis that caused his scrotum to swell to more than 130 pounds! He couldn’t find pants that would fit his scrote, so he wore an upside down hoodie on his legs so that his giant scrotum was completely covered without him having to wear a dress.
  • Despite failing to raise the funds for his surgery, a doctor offered to perform the surgery free of charge. Unfortunately Wesley died a few months later from complications related to his diabetes.
  1. Duo Vagino


  • England-born, Hannah Kersey was born with two vaginas, two uteruses and four ovaries.
  • She recently gave birth to triplets: well, technically it was a pair of identical twins and a single baby from her other womb. Her ridiculously rare condition is known as uterus didelphys and ordinarily any resulting pregnancies have a high likelihood of miscarriage and complications.
  • So with this condition, a successful pregnancy in itself is a miracle but simultaneous pregnancies that produce healthy offspring is about as rare as a unicorn shitting rainbows. Hannah and her husband are overjoyed by their miraculous trio. You can just tell though that one of those kids is forever going to be the third wheel.


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