10 Pets You Won’t Believe Actually Exist


From a two-headed snake to ­­­­­­a cat that looks like an alien, we count ten pets you won’t believe actually exist!

10 – Two-Headed Snake,


  • In 2016, an Australian reptile breeder got more than he bargained for when one of his eggs hatched a two-headed python! He called the two heads ‘Katana’ and ‘Wakizashi’, but his daughter prefers to call them ‘the Twin Destroyer’.
  • Twin Destroyer looks like an ordinary snake until the body splits at the neck, becoming two fully formed heads. The deformity was caused when the yolks failed to split correctly.
  • This phenomenon is so rare that a living two-headed snake can sell for $50,000. This breeder kept his as a pet. So far it’s going well, but he is worried the two heads may try to eat each other…

9 – Fashion Modelling Squirrel,

  • In the 1940s, a squirrel took the fashion world by storm. His name was Tommy Tucker and he belonged to a woman named Zaidee Bullis. Zaidee had no children so she devoted all of her time to Tommy, bringing him with her wherever she went. The two were often seen together at church and at the local shopping mall.
  • Tommy had filled the squirrel-shaped hole in Zaidee’s heart and she thanked him by dressing him in specially made little outfits – mostly dresses because, according to Zaidee, his tail interfered with pants.
  • A fashion photographer from Life magazine soon heard their story and invited them to take part in a shoot. Tommy had just one demand: a swimming pool filled with acorns.

8 – World’s Largest Dog,


  • Although often mistaken for a small horse, Zeus is actually a dog – the world’s largest one, to be more specific!
  • This enormous Great Dane was the beloved pet of Kevin and Denise Doorlag. When up on his hind legs, Zeus was almost seven and a half feet tall. Naturally, a creature that big needs a lot of fuel – and Zeus managed to put away thirty pounds of dog food every day! That’s a lot of dog poo…
  • Zeus sadly died in 2014 just before his fifth birthday. He made tonnes of friends through his work as a therapy dog and is remembered as a gentle giant.

7 – House Hippo,


  • This next pet drinks ten litres of coffee every day and is so heavy it has broken its owner’s bed three times! Jessica, the roughly 800-pound hippo, is now too domesticated to re-enter the wild.
  • A severe flood caused her to wash up at a ranger’s home. She was underweight and looking close to death, but now, seven years later, Jessica is looking fit and healthy – as far as hippos go!
  • She spends her days sleeping, drinking bottle-fed coffee and getting soothing massages. Definitely livin’ the hippo dream.

6 – Two-Legged Boxer,


  • Nope, that’s not Photoshop trickery; this is Duncan Lou Who, the amazing two-legged Boxer. Duncan was born with life-threatening birth defects. Rather than put him down, his adoptive owner chose to remove his hind legs.
  • Duncan was given wheelchairs to get around, but the proud pooch refused to use them. Instead he taught himself to balance on his front legs and now gets around quite comfortably!
  • Duncan’s amazing spirit has inspired people all over the world. After a lot of trial and error, he’s learned incredible things like how to retrieve his own bowl and climb stairs! I’d say that deserves a lifetime of Scooby snacks.


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