10 Reasons We Live in a Computer Simulation

  • From philosophical arguments to quantum mechanics, we count 10 reasons we may be living in a computer simulation

10 – Logic,


  • The simulation argument has three major points to it, either the amount of people out there capable or willing to create universe simulations is close to zero or the amount of realities that exist that aren’t simulations is close to zero.
  • This does of course assume that it is possible to have a gigantic simulation of an entire universe, but then again, maybe we’re just in a simulation of our galaxy, or even our solar system.
  • But assuming that it is possible to simulate a universe, until we find a way to prove otherwise logic dictates that we’re probably in a simulation.

9 – Conway’s Game of Life,


  • It seems a bit absurd at first, that a series of binary, or perhaps trinary numbers, could emulate an entire universe, but it’s actually really quite possible, a good example of this is Conway’s game of life.
  • This is a very simple mathematical game that works on a grid and it has a small set of rules dictating whether each section in the grid should create or delete a square to populate it.
  • Despite having very simple rules it’s possible to create a universal Turing machine, AKA a machine capable of computing anything, inside the game of life, not only that but people have created a game of life, within the game of life.

8 – Planck Length,


  • But then this requires our universe to have a pixel size, a smallest possible unit that nothing can shrink bellow and we do actually have that in our universe, the Planck length.
  • This is an integral part of quantum mechanics that basically says that anything smaller than the Planck length is meaningless and may as well not exist thanks to how uncertain its position is.

7 – Everything is Information,


  • The speed of light is the speed limit of the universe, but it’s not a simple as nothing can move faster than the speed of light, because some things do, it’s just that the speed of light is the fastest anything that carries information can move.
  • Of course it’s important to remember that everything that makes you, you is made up of information carrying particles.
  • So the laws of our universe aren’t focused on actuality, they’re focused on the proliferation of information, the same way a computer’s limitations work.

6 – We have Already Simulated Chunks of the Universe,


  • But even if our universe is information focused, simulating an entire universe would require a massive computer and a brain well beyond our own right?
  • Well we’ve actually already simulated a 350 million light-years chunk of our universe, admittedly it’s not complex or precise enough to have anything we could call life, but the large scale stuff is all there and it’s good enough to help physicists test reality’s quirks.



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