10 Recent Discoveries About Ancient Cultures


From new theories about savage Vikings to Blackbeard’s bizarre medical tools we count 10 recent discoveries about ancient cultures.


10 – Viking Slavers


  • According to some recent archaeological finds, ancient Vikings may have been even more savage and brutal than we ever thought.
  • Analyses of Norse fossils found in Ireland and Sweden have shown that Vikings relied heavily on slave labour to build their armies. Records show that Vikings usually had many wives and when they were running low, they brutally abducted women and workers from other cultures.
  • It is also reported that Viking slaves lived in absolute poverty and were usually killed or left for dead when their master died.

9 – K’aak Chi Kid


  • One Canadian teenager recently made a very significant discovery about the Mayans without even leaving his bedroom.
  • William Gadoury from Quebec looked at hundreds of maps of ancient Mayan cities and noticed that their layouts imitated star constellations. When one of the maps didn’t follow this pattern, Gadoury asked some scientists to help him analyse satellite imagery. What they found was a lost Mayan site, just as he had expected.
  • Gadoury is now hoping to fund an expedition to travel to the jungle and confirm the proposed lost city he calls K’aak Chi.

8 – African Metropolis


  • Studies of some strange patterns in fields across South Africa revealed a pretty surprising discovery.
  • Local farmers knew about the existence of these strange circular formations for many years but just assumed they were made by older farmers. Scientists flying over the region were able to show that these formations were actually relics of an enormous civilisation from around 200,000 BC and spread across 1500 square miles.
  • The never-before-seen African metropolis is rumoured to have some of the oldest evidence of early human activity.

7 – Aborigines


  • It has long been believed that a certain extinct species of man first inhabited the harsh terrain of early Australia.
  • That is until recently when it was revealed that the oldest skeleton found in Australia, known as the Mungo Man, was contaminated by human interaction when it was discovered in 1974. The DNA sample was unable to prove that any other type of human occupied Australia before the local Aboriginal people.
  • New technology was able to debunk this theory, and scientists are now very confident that Aborigines were the very first inhabitants of the lucky country.

6 – Peruvian Lady


  • Scientists in Peru have found the decorated remains of a woman that may rewrite their culture’s history.
  • The mummified woman is estimated to be about 4,500 years old and unlike most female skeletons, she was buried with a variety of upper-class objects like a necklace, vegetable fragments and carefully carved bone motifs. For an ancient woman to be buried with such noble items shows that she was of a very high social status and means that genders were possibly treated equally in those days.
  • The 40 or 50 year old woman died of unknown causes and her remains have provided valuable insight into ancient Peruvian culture.


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