10 Ridiculous Valentine’s Day Fails


From pseudo-romantic dinners to questionable cakes, we count 10 ridiculous Valentine’s Day Fails.

10. All About ‘U’


Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s the time of year of romantic dinners and cheesy lines written on greeting cards.

This person decided to forgo a greeting card – and possibly romantic dinner – and just write the cheesy love line on the inside of a box of chicken nuggets. Not knowing the couple and what they consider to be romantic and a sweet love line, this entire idea would still probably make some people groan and roll their eyes.

It may even turn some people off from chicken nuggets for the rest of their lives.

9. Valentine’s Disease


A big part of Valentine’s Day is telling your loved one how you love and care about him (or her). This means not to shorthand those valentines!

Yes, this includes using abbreviations. The decorator who designed this cake must not have gotten the memo, because it reads, “Enjoy your V.D.” “Enjoy your Valentine’s Day” is obviously what the decorator meant, though it seems like a snarky warning about what may happen if the lovers don’t practice safe sex. Or maybe the cake was ordered this way by the man or woman. And maybe the recipients of the cake didn’t somehow notice. Who knows?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Now enjoy your awful disease.

8. Heartbreaker


Alright, your spouse treated you to a chicken nugget dinner and ordered a cake that told you to basically enjoy herpes. The line has to be drawn somewhere.

Looks like instead of a greeting card, you’ll be signing divorce papers. If that’s the case, you’ll need a good lawyer. Well, if you live in the Vancouver area, how about Fred C. Lowther? Apparently, to this particular – and peculiar – law firm, Valentine’s Day is synonymous with getting a divorce or, overall, being dumped.

Well, look at it this way… celebrating Valentine’s Day while being single doesn’t cost anything!

7. Sweet-Stalker


Asking your spouse for a divorce on Valentine’s Day will probably create a psycho, and that psycho has now become a stalker.

If you happen to be such a stalker and it’s Valentine’s Day, then – believe it or not – there’s a greeting card you can give to the person you believe is your soulmate. The front of the card reads, “Stalker is a harsh word.” When the card is opened, it reads, “I prefer valentine.” While this is more than likely just a joke, it’s hard to believe someone might actually give such a card to their lover… even as a joke.

The idea of stalking an ex – or anyone – doesn’t scream “romantic”.

6. Drive-Thru Date


One of the things couples do on Valentine’s Day is have romantic dinners. These usually take place at a fancy restaurant.

Though not many couples feel that way, as this sign for a White Castle invites customers to make Valentine’s Day reservations by calling a phone number. Maybe there are people out there who don’t care about the type of restaurant. Whether the music comes from tuxedo-wearing violinists or creepy animatronics, everyone has their own opinion on what is romantic.

Just a word of warning… if you do take your sweetheart to a fast food restaurant on Valentine’s Day and expect there to be a wine list, you’ll be disappointed.


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